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Rowing in Tandem

This past summer, my boyfriend and I were in Halibut cove, a tiny island of about 100 residents off the fishing town of Homer. (A story from this trip was shared in a previous post titled Mommy and Momma.) In the late afternoon, our hosts... (Continue reading)

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Santa Tracker – Check out this link

In this day and age, can Santa get by undetected? Sure enough he has been spotted all over the world! Track him at: http://www.noradsanta.org/en/home.html And if you click on the videos you can see him in action! Merry Christmas everyone!... (Continue reading)

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Festive Time – Christmas Cake Recipe


It’s Festive Time folks and also the time to welcome another new year. I wish all a Merry Christmas a Happy New Year 2009. Let us all hope this new year brings joy, happiness, prosperity including peace around the world.Well... (Continue reading)

Back to class

Since the little one was born, I have been avoiding taking the babe to the various ‘mommy and me’ classes’. It was still difficult to adjust the feeding schedule, and however I may dream of being one, I am not... (Continue reading)

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The Curious Case of Baby Fairness

When Pry first put up that post with tips on how to make your babies skin fairer – I thought who on earth would care about making babies fairer? Arent they cute as they are? And how politically incorrect! But... (Continue reading)

Weighty Issues

Ok, so bear with me please. Is this Too Much Information? Let me know… I am some 10 weeks into post partum and have decided I need to pay some attention to losing weight and then tightening up.  And since... (Continue reading)

The New Indian Woman and Divorce

Educated women have more choices Here is a controversial topic. While on one hand being an independent career woman is a source of pride and self esteem – it’s also a harbinger of ‘choices’. Whom to get married to (no longer decided... (Continue reading)

A big debate – Kids and Marriage


We all know that having kids is a wonderful experience and adds a whole new dimension to the relationship between husband and wife. But can you honestly say that had kids not arrived on the scene the relationship would have... (Continue reading)

When tragedy presents opportunity

Some are saying this is the 9/11 of India. And like Khushi says, others are saying “Mumbai is brought to its knees.” Yet other news outlets use the term “A city under siege.” Unlike probably most others, my response has... (Continue reading)

Images from the last few days

All this holiday, I followed the coverage of the Mumbai blasts with indignation, anger, intense sadness and then pride in the bravery of the soldiers. When the RAF and the commandoes went in I was reassured – here in the US, I had... (Continue reading)

It can start like an ordinary cold

It can start like an ordinary cold – stuffy nose, cough and sneezing. Then the body aches start, your fever starts rising, and you feel exhausted. You’ve probably got the flu. However, the thought lingers in your mind: Are these... (Continue reading)

Festive Times – a kiddy winter party

Hi. So its holiday shopping week, at least for discount hunters like myself. And holiday party invitations are being sent out (to be honest, we only have the office ones!). Why not have a winter party for kids? Before you groan... (Continue reading)

The Ulto Day


The babe and I have decided to have a ‘Ulto’ day. In Bangla, Ulto means topsy turvy or upside down. I dont know who came up with the idea – it was probably when we were chatting about how life has... (Continue reading)

A drop in the sea in the making of history

Last week was a momentous time in history. No matter whom one supported politically, it is undeniable that the election of a person of color as President, in the nation with the most power and influence in the world is a tremendously historic and significant moment. It was not... (Continue reading)

Circuit City and Linen n things store closing

Hey Guys!!!..you may have heard circuit city is closing all its stores. I came to know last week that Linen n things is closing its stores too… The one near my office has most items about 50 -75% off.. I went... (Continue reading)

Celebrating Multiculturalism in Preschool

Next week is family-week at the boys’ preschool. Each child has been asked to make a poster (with the parent’s help) describing his/her cultural background. So the boys and I were busy making our poster, the last couple of days.... (Continue reading)

Life in Pandemonium….and then wash hands

So it began easily enough. I was able to distract the babe enough so that I could get the little one latched on and starting to nurse. I even got the babe to get a toy from his playroom downstairs... (Continue reading)

Introducing Maria

When I was five or six back in Calcutta, I went to see ‘The Sound of Music’ with my extended family. I think it was the first movie I saw and I remember being dressed in my best, the line to get... (Continue reading)

Happy Diwali!

A very happy Diwali to everyone. May the day brings celebrations, light and joy wherever you are!! Best wishes..... (Continue reading)

Future becomes past …. without being present

In the months after I left my 8 plus-year marriage, the pain was so immense that at most times I could not function for or look past more than two hours at a time. I was used to seeing into the future,... (Continue reading)

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