March, 2008

April Fools Day Ideas

So big day tomorrow – have you something planned? I love April Fools day mainly because hubby and family almost always forget and fall into my pranks! Here are some from over the years – do let me know if... (Continue reading)

Five more tips for the picky-eater’s mum

From emails and comments, here are some more tips: Dont force a child, ever. This may set back the child for weks or months. Forcing can take many forms, and not neccessarily pushing the food down their throats. It can... (Continue reading)

The girls I knew long ago

Here in the US, there are just not enough people from my school in my city to have proper reunions. One or two friends, to meet and chat and thats about it. But while I was headed to Kolkata this... (Continue reading)

India: soy diferente

 I love this salsa singer! Her name is India or “La India”, and she is one of my favorites. I hope you like her! ... (Continue reading)

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The mystery of Mister Picky Eater

Are you one of those mums I see in restaurants and parties whose toddlers wolf down avocadoes and baked fish and tomatoes and thai tofu curry and ask for seconds? The ones you can serve a plateful of adult food... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – Calcutta once more

So I have not been to Calcutta for 7 years. 7 years away from the city marked as my hometown on my passport. And many more years since I have actually lived there. I moved away when I was maybe... (Continue reading)

Nanny or daycare????

Recently one of my new coworker who is going to have a baby in 1 month asked me this question.”What do you think?Should we have a nanny or a send the baby to daycare?? The question took me 2 years... (Continue reading)

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Potty training time for kids!!!!

Anyone having potty training trouble? Luckily both of my kids were really good.My son learned it 3 weeks. My baby girl was much faster.She learned it in 2 weeks. Last weekend, at a party, my friend was explaining to me... (Continue reading)

$4 gas????

Yes Guys!!.Its coming..Soon we all would need to pay $4 to fill up our rides…. Can you beileve it? For a full tank for me I have to spend $64….Some years back that would have been all to go for... (Continue reading)

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Good TV shows for Toddlers

My 3 year old isnt into TV. If I put the TV on he sits and watches for maybe 5 min and then he is up walking around.. The only tv shows he doesnt miss everyday is SuperWhy. Its a... (Continue reading)

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Amarchithra kathas- My favorite old books

Hey bloggermoms!!! Have you guys read Amarchithra kathas when you guys were small? These books are illustrated Indian classics. I used to love Ramayana ,Mahabharatha, tennali Raman..etc…. Last weekend when I went to an Indian friends house , I saw... (Continue reading)

What would you love to do?

I would say sleeping. I would love to sleep the whole day.wake up to eat something and then go back to sleep..WOW!! That would be awesome..These days I am thinking about taking a day off from office.Send the kids to... (Continue reading)

CRCT time !!!

My first grader is going to have CRCT exams soon..Its right after the spring break. I havent started making him practice any worksheets. Recently, I ordered some practice sheets from triump learning. The books with the shipping charge came to... (Continue reading)

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Discipline a first grader

I have a seven year old kid who recently has started to not listen to me anymore!!! I am talking to other parents.They suggest that he being a boy its expected.. But I also got the same response from some... (Continue reading)

Who is it gonna be? Clinton or Obama


I was watching the primaries election closely last night. Clinton won the three crucial state primaries.What a comeback for her!!! I saw Obama winning in Vermont and thought it was a done deal for him.. Put the channel back after... (Continue reading)

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Early detection is the key to increasing


The early symptoms of pancreatic cancer are very important to know. Early detection is the key to increasing your chances of survival and getting the necessary treatment for increasing the success rate of cancer treatment. Pancreatic cancer is one of... (Continue reading)