July, 2008

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Pineapple/Mango pulisseri

Hey Bloggermoms!!!..After a short break I am back..Its been so busy here at work. I have been trying to manage work, family, cooking,extracurricular activites..the whole mile… Yesterday after a week of not making food at home ,I decided to make... (Continue reading)

The brave hearted will take the babe

Ok, so according to wikipedia, the translation of Dilwale Dulhania le jayenge is ‘The brave hearted will take the bride’.  And to those who dont know, Dilwale… or DDLJ for short was one of the biggest hits of my college... (Continue reading)

School lunch intentions and reality

I have been doing a survey of Indian moms of middle schoolers or those with kids at the high end of elementary school. Its an informal survey, or course, and I just managed to talk to a few moms. My... (Continue reading)

Mom lessons – Kiddy Science Classes at Home

I write on mom lessons. And I heard that big cities now have classes on toddler science. So I thought I will try to write on that topic. You know babies, toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids are naturally curious.... (Continue reading)

My greatest Teacher

Of all the teachers I have had in my life, starting from my parents, grandparents and family, to the kindergarten and high school teachers, the lecturers in the university, the professors during professional qualifications of Chartered Secretary and Chartered Accountancy,... (Continue reading)

The most extreme of makeovers

Sometime back I met a guy who had not seen me for four years. Wow, he said, you are totally different now. I asked him how and he avoided a direct answer. But it got me thinking – of all... (Continue reading)

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Am I home?

I have heard more than one person complain about the difficulties they experience when they go back to “visit their home”. It is either too hot or too polluted or difficult to get around in the city. No matter what... (Continue reading)

I am running for President 08!!!!!!!!

Watch this bloggermoms!!!.. Vote for me  please..   http://www.news3online.com/index.php?code=7pf2AO16Xb9Ov1o1T095... (Continue reading)

Bygone Pleasures

Spending zestful days with my preschooler energizes me, helps me take a fresh perspective and breaks the mundane adult thinking pattern. But many a times, it simply exhausts me. Not meaning to be disrespectful to all the preschoolers out there... (Continue reading)

A Chat with Robinder

In my single life, my computer means more than one can imagine – yes, trust me, more than what it normally means to most people. It is my connection to the world, to my family and friends in India, it is where I... (Continue reading)

Art Exhibition – Glass Paintings by Malini


Hi there!! This is Malini…a Homemaker, Mom, Freelancer and Glass Artefacts Designer…. Phew!!!!! quite an impressive lineup……but actually a very simple person trying to establish my identity in this world…….to start with in my own family……  Drawn to paintings, sketches,... (Continue reading)

New Feature on Bloggermoms – Art Exhibitions

Many of us know people who are super talented, but whose art remains in their homes, known only to a few near and dear ones. Usually because bringing that art to a wider audience is painful and more time consuing.... (Continue reading)

Whats in your purse?

My friend with a new baby lost her cell phone over lunch and had to empty her purse on the table. With permission, here is what she had –  Wipes Expired coupon from Babies r us Clean bib Bib with spit... (Continue reading)

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The Big Debate – the name game

So Brangelina named their twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Thanks to the stars,  unique and multicultural names are becoming quite the fashion now a days. And this is on my mind because I am looking for names for my... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Zeenia


Zeenia Mukherjee Carpenter Profession: Home Maker Kids: Devaki (7) and Rebecca (3) Born and brought up: Born in India. Came to US at the age of 16 Countries lived in: India and US Cultures in my life: Hindu (my side)... (Continue reading)

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Babies Are Overrated


As I watch my daughter raising her own daughter, I wonder where she learned how. She certainly didn’t get her patience from me. The stuff she enjoys most about parenting is the stuff that drove me crazy. My granddaughter is... (Continue reading)

Sweet Nothings – Part 2

I have been underground last few days as I was worried about this Gestational Diabetes tests. Good news first, I was cleared. But still, just in case someone else needs to know, am writing it up. So as I had... (Continue reading)

Animal Safari in GA

While driving back from AL last  weekend (JUly 4 th vaccation), I was surprised to see Animal safari boards on the way..Yes Guys!! Animal Safari is here in GA.This place is near Callaway gardens. It will be close to 1... (Continue reading)

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Mommy and Momma

I don’t know if there is a better way to examine or understand the true breadth or depth of one’s own open-mindedness other than by actually immersing in situations that are not “normal” to one. (As a small but significant digression, the dictionary defines... (Continue reading)

Quick and Easy Samosas – No really!

Hey everyone, I found this recipe and it worked out great. I get exhausted cooking easily and this wasnt bad at all.  And it was baked, not fried. Though it does use refridgerated pie crusts, so I dont think its... (Continue reading)

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