September, 2008

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Home remedies for scratchy throat when pregnant

Pregnant and congested, with a scratchy throat! Apparently, congestion is another pesky yet common side effect of pregnancy – though not the scratchy throat. I had both a couple of days ago, so used some recommended home remedies I thought... (Continue reading)

A quick poll

Ok, so which are your top TV shows? I dont meat Handy Manny and Sesame Street! Top three current and from the past. Mine are: Law and Order and Law and Order SVU – Reruns galore so I can catch... (Continue reading)

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Boy and Doll

As I wrote in becoming big brother, I have been devouring books on helping the babe make the transition. And one of the suggestions was getting him a baby doll, so that he can ‘practice’ being gentle with it. Also,... (Continue reading)

Mr. Perfect

So, while I have written quite a bit about many aspects of being Single in Seattle, I haven’t yet touched on a big aspect of being single again … yes, dating!  Just over 2 years ago, when I became ready to date, I didn’t know quite... (Continue reading)


Saumya: Can you wash this yogurt container? Mamma: Yes, sure! Saumya: Now can I play with it? Mamma: Yes, you can. Saumya: Why can I play with this? Mamma:?????????? ————————————————— Saumya: Why do we need to sleep now? Mamma: See,... (Continue reading)

Best Holiday

  As a child I fantasized visiting two places on earth; one was Salzburg, Austria which has been shown as the back drop in the movie ‘The Sound of Music’, my all time favourite. The other was Switzerland, popularized by... (Continue reading)

Four ways to enjoy your time on the H4 visa

Usually I write about things I have found out you can do to push your career forward when on the H4 visa. Or just things you can do to take more control. I have told I am too serious, and... (Continue reading)

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Woman in Question – Shahana


Name: Shahana Dattagupta Profession: Presently architectural design and human-environment research, but also want to be a writer, artist and musician. The latter three are occupations right now, but not professions 🙂 Born and brought up: Born in Pittsburgh PA, but... (Continue reading)

Importing Benaras to Seattle … and reflections on the oneness of the world

On Friday night I attended a Hindustani classical concert … it had been a while. How could I miss this one? Rajan and Sajan Mishra of the delightful Benaras gharana were going to be performing in the University of Washington campus. Rarely... (Continue reading)

The Epidurean and her magic button

In life, when you are tired, in pain or plain sleepy, have you ever thought of turning it all off and escaping by turning a switch or a button? Once, only once have I had that opportunity. I decided back... (Continue reading)

Becoming Big Brother

I am quite excited at the prospect of the babe becoming a big brother. Probably more that he is, as I dont think he realizes what it means yet. As a single child myself, I grew up lonely and wanting... (Continue reading)

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When in line….

So usually I write about mom lessons but todays post is about standing in line with kids. I have been doing this a lot lately and badly wanted your ideas and advice on things to do while waiting. These can... (Continue reading)

Recipe of a new Sweet Dish

Thanks all for liking the Post on Tempura – Try it Out!!! Today I am here with a new sweet dish recipe. Everybody must be aware of the sweet dish Payesh / Payasam like the famous Chhenar Payesh / Rosogollar... (Continue reading)

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A little bit of Shah Rukh Khan in suburbia

The babe and I go to music class. Its usually a fun affair with kids dancing and singing around to a ‘collection’ of songs, available to the parents on a CD. The kids get to use music instruments and other... (Continue reading)

Happy Onam!!!


Happy Onam to all!!   Onam  is the most important festival of Kerala( my homestate).It lasts for 10 days. The last day Thiruvonam is the special day.its the harvest festival. According to the legend, its is celebrated to welcome King... (Continue reading)

The question of color

‘Look Mommy’ said the babe, swinging away on the park swing, ‘One black boy and one white boy swinging together’ His neighbor was a whitish blonde toddler, probably of Russian descent. The white boy. I was immediately conscious. I slowed... (Continue reading)

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Quick Tip for Site Users

Hey everyone, just wanted to post a quick tip that makes logging in and making a post a more user friendly experience, if you havent done this already. Some of you may not have the drop down menu appearing in... (Continue reading)

The 3 formative years

In this fast growing world … everyone is so busy in our jobs,career.. we just produce babies & forget them . I hv a 3 year old girl & aftr hr birth i thought of giving her 3 yr fr... (Continue reading)

5 Simple ways to Keep kids healthy this school year

Being a mom of 3 yr old twin boys, I have my hands full. So to make things a little easy for me, I try to build their defenses against common childhood illnesses like ear infections and colds. Germs are... (Continue reading)

Crooked Wisdom

The visit to the dentist was imminent. The toothache was tormenting and popping in pain killers brought not a little relief. My first visit to the dentist was brief and sweet. But he advised the crooked wisdom teeth, all four... (Continue reading)

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