October, 2008

Happy Diwali!

A very happy Diwali to everyone. May the day brings celebrations, light and joy wherever you are!! Best wishes..... (Continue reading)

Future becomes past …. without being present

In the months after I left my 8 plus-year marriage, the pain was so immense that at most times I could not function for or look past more than two hours at a time. I was used to seeing into the future,... (Continue reading)

Puri and Potato curry recipe

This weekend I made puri and potato curry – one of our family’s favorite dish. This is really easy to make. To make Puri 1.Take Chappathi flour and wet it .Add some salt and ghee . 2.Knead it properly. 3.Make... (Continue reading)

Celebrating Diwali in America

This time I want to celebrate Diwali with pomp and pride in the US. Something as a celebration of my multicultural life. Have you any plans? Diwali was important in India, but in the hustle bustle of US life, for... (Continue reading)

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The juggle and the jiggle – nursing with two kids

Source: Breastfeeding Book ‘Nursing is a great time to connect with the entire family. Use this time to read to your older child or play a game of candyland’ Accompanying picture: Mom sitting with nursing infant at breast, cradled in... (Continue reading)

Little efforts that convey a lot

A few days back I attended a work shop on Early child care and Parenting. It was conducted by Vatsala Sivasubramanian, a well known child pscychologist and a family counsellor. It was very interesting and she said that one of the... (Continue reading)

Midnight Conversations with the nursing mom

Day 5, 1: 52 am Dad, bent over a tiny diaper: ‘He has pooped’ Mom: (Delighted): ‘Oh thats wonderful’ 1: 54 am Mom (concerned) : ‘Is it seedy? Is it mustardy?’ Dad: ‘Mmmm..I see a few seeds’ Mom : ‘But... (Continue reading)



Hey All!!! Wish you a Happy Dussehra and Subho Bijoya. Hope you all had a great time during this festive season. Well today I am back with a new recipe, this time with MOMO, a type of Tibetian Dumpling, commonly... (Continue reading)

Will you marry us?

“Will you marry us?” This is the question that was being asked of me. Not a common one, is it? Usually, it is “Will you marry me?” But no, I was being asked the former, by a close friend of mine... (Continue reading)

Happy Dusshera and Shubho Bijoya


To all our readers – a very happy Dusshera and Shubho Bijoya. Thanks to my friend Pragna for the picture. In Atlanta some of us celebrated Pujo last weekend and some will this weekend. And there are some Dusshera parties... (Continue reading)

The mother, newborn

Hello everyone. I am delighted to announce that I am now the mom of a new baby boy. And delighted with my growing family. I dont have much time to write, as I dont have any help this time and... (Continue reading)

Crazy saturday!!!

So this saturday I have called some friends over. It has been ages since I have done a party at my house..  Here is the list of things I have to do on saturday.. 1.Clean/mop the whole house..I am going to ... (Continue reading)