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Mom Lessons – Your car!

I wanted to continue the series we have on Mom lessons – lessons moms can give their kids at home over what they are getting in preschool or instead of. Kids have great fun with this and its very educational... (Continue reading)

Surajkund Mela – a day full of fun and color

So I have been writing about traveling to India with a toddler and today was one of our most fun filled days. Quite early, before the crowds came we made our way over to the Surajkund Mela. Its an annual... (Continue reading)

What candidate is going to be better for us?


Hi Guys, we as immigrants, who do you think is going to be better for us? Hillary or Obama? . The Republicans? Or  any combination:  Hillary – Obama, Obama – Hillary, or any combination of the beloved Republicans? Whay do ya think?    ... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – What to expect when you look like you are expecting

 …but are actually not….  So I had written about how a runaway appetite has left me with a protruding belly. Add to that the fact that I have a two year old running around, and just the hint of a... (Continue reading)

Flu nation

First my son got it and now me…it’s the flu, stupid! Krish got it on Sunday…we watched the super bowl with him till 8:30pm or so and just when it started getting intersting with a touchdown from Giants, we had... (Continue reading)

I love Macs..!


I was wondering how many of you guys use Macs, if at all. Since I did “The switch” i’ve been very happy, plus my mac works great with my ipods and iphone. No more viruses for me! Bye bye Microsoft. Thank... (Continue reading)

Maka powder ???

Hi everybody The other day I was wondering about in the Indian section of a Farmer’s market and I saw a powder called Maka powder. Apparently it helps with hair loss . Does anybody have any idea what this powder... (Continue reading)

A complete egg head

Ok, bloggermoms, you all probably know all about this. I have been putting one egg on my head (hair) – just crack it and mix the yolk and the whites and apply with a brush – for the last few... (Continue reading)

Five things I did not know about the US when I got here on the H4 visa

 I think when we get a proposal from someone working in the US or your spouse (as in my case) moves to the US, there is quite a bit of excitement about visiting a new country, seeing Amriki things and... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – Expected sickness, unexpected misery!

So I have been writing here on bloggermoms on my trip to India with my two year old. The Babe is sick. I had kind of expected that will happen. Its his first time in India, and I am afraid... (Continue reading)

Indian Baby Boy Names

With another 5 weeks to go before my due date, we have seriously started looking for Indian names for a baby boy….we want a name that is phonetically easy to pronounce here in US…that is one of the negatives I have... (Continue reading)

South Indian Baby/Toddler lunch or dinner

My mom is here with me now..She is gonna stay for 3 months. She stayed with me when both of my kids were babies. She used to feed them homemade baby foods and gerber foods. I asked her to give... (Continue reading)

Anemia in vegetarian kids

One of my kids has anemia – and hates to eat any kind of beef or meat. I try to give egg, but when I looked at the list of vegetables, iron rich veggies have so much less iron than... (Continue reading)

Mom lessons – Visiting India (or any new country or place)

Long back I had made a post about stay at home mom lessons – I felt my child was missing out on learning things in play school, so I started listing out a few ‘lessons’ I would do with the... (Continue reading)

Entertaining a three month old

Anyone ever faced this problem? I just visited a friend – a SAHM with a three month old who doesnt nap much. My heart goes out to her. I remembered that I struggled with what to do with my babies... (Continue reading)

What no one ever told me about weaning

 Today I went to a doc I have trusted my life and was told I was 18 lbs overweight. I had kid of suspected it, specially since I get a lot of ‘Congrats on being pregnant again’ based on my... (Continue reading)

Pregnant women with PUPP?

Gotta admit, I am a victim of probability…in my first pregnancy, I was blisfully unaware of any complications and pregnancy woes… my body is getting even with me this time around. So after suffering from acute back aches for close to two... (Continue reading)

Birthing classes

Hubby and I have been going for our birthing classes..they are fun as we get to spend some time with each other every week and also learn about the overall birthing process. In the last class, we watched a couple... (Continue reading)

Networking when on the H4 visa, or when just at home

 In one of my previous posts on how to boost your career when on an H4 visa, I talked about using the time to build your network. But I know very well, through my own inexperience at it when I... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – That old me, did I lose her in the streets of Delhi?

 I have been writing about traveling to India with a toddler for the first time, but this post is about me. Yesterday my parents, the babe and I went driving through Green Park, and Hauz Khas, and IIT. We went... (Continue reading)

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