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Whats in your purse?

My friend with a new baby lost her cell phone over lunch and had to empty her purse on the table. With permission, here is what she had –  Wipes Expired coupon from Babies r us Clean bib Bib with spit... (Continue reading)

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The Big Debate – the name game

So Brangelina named their twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Thanks to the stars,  unique and multicultural names are becoming quite the fashion now a days. And this is on my mind because I am looking for names for my... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Zeenia


Zeenia Mukherjee Carpenter Profession: Home Maker Kids: Devaki (7) and Rebecca (3) Born and brought up: Born in India. Came to US at the age of 16 Countries lived in: India and US Cultures in my life: Hindu (my side)... (Continue reading)

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Babies Are Overrated


As I watch my daughter raising her own daughter, I wonder where she learned how. She certainly didn’t get her patience from me. The stuff she enjoys most about parenting is the stuff that drove me crazy. My granddaughter is... (Continue reading)

Sweet Nothings – Part 2

I have been underground last few days as I was worried about this Gestational Diabetes tests. Good news first, I was cleared. But still, just in case someone else needs to know, am writing it up. So as I had... (Continue reading)

Animal Safari in GA

While driving back from AL last  weekend (JUly 4 th vaccation), I was surprised to see Animal safari boards on the way..Yes Guys!! Animal Safari is here in GA.This place is near Callaway gardens. It will be close to 1... (Continue reading)

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Mommy and Momma

I don’t know if there is a better way to examine or understand the true breadth or depth of one’s own open-mindedness other than by actually immersing in situations that are not “normal” to one. (As a small but significant digression, the dictionary defines... (Continue reading)

Quick and Easy Samosas – No really!

Hey everyone, I found this recipe and it worked out great. I get exhausted cooking easily and this wasnt bad at all.  And it was baked, not fried. Though it does use refridgerated pie crusts, so I dont think its... (Continue reading)

Size 8 dreams

What else do you do when you are pregnant and gaining weight rapidly? And when your last round of maternity dresses, some of which I had even worn to the hospital last time dont fit you any more? When you... (Continue reading)

Palatable Pleasures


Chop chop, sauté sauté, stir and mix, shallow and deep-fry, let is steam! It’s so exciting to be in the kitchen and cooking food for people who eat no matter how it tastes and don’t share the bad reviews with... (Continue reading)

Sweet nothings

Ok, so today I had my glucose tolerance test in my third trimester. Last time I sailed through it but this time I think I may ‘flunk’ it. The reason is that this time I have gained a lot of... (Continue reading)

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Mom lessons – Making it multicultural- Flag days!

So I write about mom lessons and have recently started writing about making it multicultural. Mostly I write activities I have tried myself but this time its an idea I have, spurred by one of the posts on this site.... (Continue reading)

The Immigrant Diaries – Edition 4

Friends, thank you for all your comments on Editions 1,2,3. It took me a while to get this one done, but here it is. I do appreciate your time and comments, so please let me know what you think. You... (Continue reading)

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Is your child a fussy eater?

One of our professors of pediatrics used to tell us that you can only be a good pediatrician once you have your own children. Since that was biologically impossible by the time our examinations approached, we decided to concentrate on... (Continue reading)

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The non working mom life – part 2

So last time I wrote about how household drudgery is getting me down. And then today morning something small yet wonderful happened which I thought I must add. I think my ‘nesting’ instinct has set in early this time, and... (Continue reading)

In the groove

Remember that funny feeling in your stomach you got when you felt obligated to participate in something which you were not sure of but the circumstances brought you to the scene but as you got in the groove it turned... (Continue reading)

Raising an American

Today the babe and I went out with his close friends to a museum where we did an art project on Fourth of July. Basically it was making a US flag collage – using the red, white, blue colors but... (Continue reading)

The non working mom life

So now I am almost at the year mark of staying at home. By this time last year I had already resigned and frankly, I was quite unsure how I would take it. I had received so much training for... (Continue reading)

Five tricks for Desperate Moms who need a Minute

To go to the bathroom, or answer the phone or turn off the stove when the babies are clinging to you. Note the term desperate…. I thought it would be cool to share some desperate tricks from all of us.... (Continue reading)

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Laws of nature

Today was the second swimming class. My preschooler wasn’t happy that she is having to miss her preschool to go do something she isn’t even interested in the first place. On the ride to the pool, “Are we going to... (Continue reading)

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