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Games kids play

So a friend gave my son chutes and ladders for his birthday. And it took me back to the time in my own childhood when I would play ‘snakes and ladders’ as it was then called and other games. Werent... (Continue reading)

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Volunteer Jobs on the H4 Visa

I have written about volunteering on the H4 visa before, and on how networking can get you there. And I know that on paper or online, it sounds simpler than it really is. First, getting a volunteer job you like... (Continue reading)

The Learning Curve

Yesterday we were at the swimming pool for our preschooler’s first swimming class. The coach was nice and gentle and the class seemed to be going well just when my daughter decided she doesn’t want to learn swimming anymore. We... (Continue reading)

Salsa Girl..!!!

This girl was born with SALSA in her blood..!!! I have watched this video several times and this girl is amazing! Have a nice weekend ya’ll.... (Continue reading)

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Last Day Dispatch from Summer Camp

So today was the last day of summer camp. It ended with an art show with the kids displaying their artwork and with some refreshments to boot. It was amazing to see what the kids had done – but more... (Continue reading)

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I wish I could remember back to the time when I took my first faltering steps. I think I was walking soon after I turned one. As a non-mom, I do not have the experience of seeing my baby make... (Continue reading)

Toddler and Preschooler Snack Ideas

Summer camp got me thinking. What will I do when I have to plan a packed snack and lunch every day? Ok, so I gave him Goldfish (whole grain) the first day and alphabet crackers and grapes the next –... (Continue reading)

First Summer Camp

Day 1   I never had summer camp while growing up. Summers would mean staying at home and doing holiday homework. And of course, NOT doing holiday homework and visiting cousins and maybe a trip to Darjeeling or Puri. But... (Continue reading)

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Georgia CRCT scores

Hey bloggermoms..The crct scores are out. If you have a school grader, then you may have already received the scores that were sent home.  If anybody is looking to move based on the schools this year or next year, here is... (Continue reading)

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Red, Blue and White

Last in the Spirit Week series was Red, Blue and White Day. Children were to dress in clothes with those colors. The highlight of the day was “Make Your Own Sundae”. Scooping vanilla ice creme all by yourself, as much... (Continue reading)

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Entertaining a seven to nine month old baby

 I like to write about entertaining your kids, because if you are home a lot, without much family near by or even household help, as is the case for so many of us, we often draw blanks on ‘how do... (Continue reading)

My sweet Druggie and Nondruggie kids!!!

I love my son’s adventurous mind. He is not scared of anything. I love his cute smile,his silly acts….. When he was born he was the cutest thing I saw.His toothless smile filled up the whole room..my whole life..He was... (Continue reading)

My very own Dashavataram

Last week I saw Kamal Hassan’s Dashavataram. In Tamil, with subtitles. After my divorce three years ago, I suddenly came upon that vast, unexplored no-(wo)man’s land called singlehood. Other people’s summer parties, happy bright kitchens with kids running around, fresh dosas on the... (Continue reading)

Hat Day

In the series of Spirit Week at school Wednesday was Hat Day. Wear any hat you like to school and tell us why you made that choice. Our girl wore her Easter hat with a lovely dress. When asked to... (Continue reading)

A splash party with a touch of tech

And I though cross Atlantic Birthday parties were only for the rich and famous!! This weekend we celebrated our sons birthday. We decided to make it a ‘splash’ party for all his two and three year old friends as its been really... (Continue reading)

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A journey into the unknown

Ten years back, as I settled down in my seat for a long flight from Delhi to Los Angeles, all I felt was a gut wrenching sense of loneliness and apprehension for the unknown. While excitement seems to be the... (Continue reading)

Pajama Day

Tuesday was Pajama day at school. Our preschooler went in her favorite night suit that Nani Ma gave her last time she visited India. All the way to school she kept asking me, “Why am I wearing pajamas and going... (Continue reading)

Baby laughing..CUTE!!!

Hey guys..You have to see this..its cute... (Continue reading)

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Dad in Question: Winfried


Name:  Winfried Occupations: Network Admin Kids: 2 daughters: Ileana 17, Ashley 13 Born and brought up:  Maracaibo, Venezuela, Countries lived in:  Venezuela, Germany, UK and US Cultures that influence my life: Latin American , European (Germany/Spain)   What were some... (Continue reading)

The Big Debate – Going Home?

Last time I talked about teaching a second language in big debates facing me and some other moms I know who are establishing themselves in a new country. This time I thought I will write about the big question that... (Continue reading)

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