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How wasur memorial day??

Hey Bloggermoms..How was the long weekend? I was getting over my sorethroat and cold and was glad that I got 3 days away from work..What did you guys do? Hope everybody had an awesome days off. Now guys you have... (Continue reading)

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Mom Lessons – Artwork!

Ah, ‘ahtwok’ for the under threes! I have been writing this series on Mom lessons – activities moms can do with kids at home especially if the kids are stay at home, which hopefully also have an educational component. But... (Continue reading)

Best public schools in the US

Hey everyone, just found this on newsweek. You may find this interesting, they have a ranking of best public schools in US. Of course, it changes from year to year… http://www.newsweek.com/highschools/?s=ga  ... (Continue reading)

Get a Mac: Vista’s Sad song

This is the latest Apple ad: “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” , where PC is all blue because Vista is Glitchy and everybody is leaving for Mac. The end is my favorite part! Enjoy.Vista\’s Sad Song... (Continue reading)

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Roast Chicken Recipe – Sorry to be so late, anonymous!

So here I am finally with the recipe. You will need: 4 Chicken Breasts Balsamic Vinegar or if you dont like that, regular vinegar about 2 -3 tbs Garlic Clovers, minced – 4 or 4 teaspoons store bought minced garlic... (Continue reading)

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Schools out for summer soon….Some ideas

hey guys, school is out here next week. So summer camps can cost a pretty penny and sometimes overschedule the kids. I loved the lazy summer breaks I had as a kid, and love to keep the kids home as... (Continue reading)

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Happy Mothers Day!

To everyone!... (Continue reading)

The Immigrant Diaries – A Story – Edition 1


Friends, this is a work of fiction. All the characters are imaginary and it is based on coming to the US on the as an immigrant, and then not working, and making life work for you. Please feel free to... (Continue reading)

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Mother’s day gifts

Hey Bloggermoms…Mother day is coming soon -May 11th.. Here are some choices for gifts that you would like to give /get. Flowers – from 1-800-flowers Perfumes handbags Diamond jewlery–( I would like to get one ..Hubby-Please take note if you... (Continue reading)

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Mom in Question: Priya


Hey guys, I thought it would be interesting to interview and post featured readers and writers of this site on this column. So I are starting with Priya Name: Priya Occupations: IT, Real Estate Agent, CFO of a small business,blogger Kids:... (Continue reading)

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5 de Mayo… More Salsa con Regeaton…

This is a new song from a new grup called NG2. I love this song.. so Happy 5 de Mayo!!... (Continue reading)

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Winfried, how about some Salsa today?... (Continue reading)

Summer camps for kids above 5

Hey Bloggermoms!!! Summer is gonna come soon…And school will be closing in 1 month. I am goin to send my son to a summer camp where my girl goes for pre-k. It will be easy for me to pick and... (Continue reading)

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Disneyworld part 2 – Packing and Magic Kingdom

So as I said, I wanted to continue all about what I learnt at my time in Disney world about visiting the parks with a two year old or a toddler. Now, before I left, I thought that I would... (Continue reading)

Disneyworld with a toddler – Had a magical time!


I know, I know, it’s so cliched! But I did have a wonderful, magical time. Some people had mentioned that maybe we should wait till the babe is older as he will never remember this visit. But somehow, the visit... (Continue reading)

Whatever happened to Enid Blyton?


As a girl, I lived on Enid Blyton. Famous Five. The five find-outers. Secret Seven. The … of adventure series. Even dear old Noddy. The sausages and eggs for breakfast (where I never got to eat sausages). The potted meat... (Continue reading)

International Travel with Toddlers – The plane ride

After my recent India trip and spending nearly 24 hrs each way with a two year old in various planes and airports, here is what worked and I think is important to remember. Packing a special kiddie hand luggage bag... (Continue reading)

Approximately, 2% of the adult population

Much information is available regarding the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. We will also discuss in greater detail the symptoms of fibromyalgia in women and the symptoms of fibromyalgia in men. Both are fascinating topics to research and try to... (Continue reading)

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Easy breakfast for Kids


                                        My son’s school starts at 7:45. That means he has to be out of the house by 7:30.  As I need to go to work too, I always get the following breakfast items for my son. NO turning ON... (Continue reading)

Getting ready for work…

I had a work meeting this week. So that means I had to wash my hair. And then dry it. So that left me with no time before breakfast. Here’s what I did – Shower Wash, dry, comb, attempt to... (Continue reading)

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