February, 2009

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Today I thought I will discuss among all people a severe disease which causes a lot of damage in one’s health by a painful inflammation or swelling,  this is called Lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which means that the... (Continue reading)

Terrible 2’s

Has anyone of you gone through the feeling of getting frustrated followed by a massive guilt with your little ones, especially when they are/were in their terrible 2s? Well I am going through that right now. My son is a... (Continue reading)

Take a look at this Guiness world record woman-Piercing


OMG….Do people have to go this extreme situation to get into world records.This lady holds the record for the most pierced woman..She has over 1500 piercing internally…Now I dont know what internally means, if its under the clothes or INTERNALLY….... (Continue reading)

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Delicious Corn With Pea

Hello, back again with a healthy snack, it is really tasty and anyone of any ages can eat this food as a snack.  Ingredients: corn- 5tablespoon (frozen) pea-2 tablespoon (frozen) butter salt, pepper,lime juice  Process: put the corn and pea in a... (Continue reading)



This is in context to Khushi’s post on International Pancake Day. A pancake is a thin, flat cake prepared from a batter and cooked on a hot flat bottomed griddle / frying pan. This is what Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia)... (Continue reading)

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The first days of preschool

Preschool, Day 1   Me (trying to establish good habits of talking about school to kids): How was school? Babe: It was good Me: (feeling like a textbook perfect mother) I am glad you liked it today. You don’t have... (Continue reading)

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Potato Pancake

Tomorrow is International Pancake Day. This is one of my favorite recipe, my mom always makes this type of pancake. Very quick preparation, easy and simple as well. It is very healthy too. Anyone of all ages can eat it,... (Continue reading)

International Pancake Day

Hey everyone, tomorrow is international pancake day. Are you planning to make some? You can check out Sarmila’s delicious griddle cakes if you want any ideas. Also, did you know that IHOP is offering a short stack of pancakes free... (Continue reading)

Pesto Glazed Chicken Breast over Spaghetti

  This year, we will enjoy early Spring,, so to get into that mood I am giving you a recipe which you all can enjoy. This is a very nutritious recipe, anyone can try this. Ingredients 2 garlic cloves 1.5... (Continue reading)

Talking about death

One topic I had never wished to talk to my son during his toddler years was death. Perhaps, I am not comfortable to talk about it even with adults. However, unfortunately, two weeks back there was bereavement in the family.... (Continue reading)

Chicken Korma

  This is a recipe  of a chicken which is to me very tasty, sometimes we think what type of chicken we are going to cook today? Try this, I am sure everyone will like it. Ingredients:  chicken– 1 kg onion-... (Continue reading)

Spinach Salad with Strawberries

Spinach salad with strawberries and a red wine vinaigretteis a delicious starter, it is good for a heart patient as well. Spinach keeps the blood in good circulation. So anyone can eat this salad in different ways.  Dressing may be prepared several... (Continue reading)

Grilled Avocado Sandwich

This is a favorite sandwich of mine, thought to share with you, this is a good food to keep the heart healthy  and a very nutritious too. Ingredients 1 large, ripe avocado, preferably Hass or another “fatty” one    ... (Continue reading)

Top 10 foods to keep a healthy heart

People always want to lead a risk free life, but sometimes, ”man proposes, God disposes”. To go along with a disease free life as wellas  to keep a healthy heart here are 10 foods which if anyone can follow, they... (Continue reading)

Kids and Breakfast


Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? So why is it so important to eat in the morning and not skip breakfast? The answer has to do with our body (Our body stores up... (Continue reading)

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The other side of Mom

My son is 7 yrs old now.. And I have come to realize being a mom is such a wonderful experiences that nothing I know of can ever come close to this. At the same time in the last 7... (Continue reading)

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Heart Disease And Sex

Back again with a very sensitive topic.. Can someone still have sex after heart failure is diagnosed ? Some people don’t ask this question for they feel embarassed, but I think this is a subject which should be discussed, people... (Continue reading)

Holi Finger Paints!

Finger paints! Thats the first thing that came to my mind when I thought of Holi in the US. I usually write about multi cultural activities for toddlers and kids, but recently festivals have been on my mind. What is... (Continue reading)

Thank you for a great valentines day!

I must admit I had stopped celebrating Valentines day. It has seemed a bit adolescent and something swept under the carpets after my son was born. But this year, this year was so different! I was so much in the mood for... (Continue reading)

Why do we love the Slumdog?

As the stock market plummets, the stimulus package remains under scrutiny and more jobs disappear, what is it about Slumdog Millionaire’s rag-to-riches story that has overwhelmingly caught the Western world’s rapt attention? With the Academy Awards in which the film... (Continue reading)

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