May, 2009

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Mom-in-Question: Tiyash


Snapshot: Name: Tiyash Occupation: Mom, Management Consultant, Engineer, Entrepreneur Kids: Two boys 3 and 7 months Born and brought up: Kolkata and Delhi, India Countries lived in: India and United States (In US for 9 years) Cultures that influence my... (Continue reading)

Summer Event – Activities for Kids – Artwork

Sometime back, we had interviewed Linda Travers as our Woman in Question. Linda is an art teacher and an entrepreneur who runs the very successful Abrakadoodle art franchise in Atlanta. She has extensive experience in working with kids around art. Here... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip off – To pit an avocado

To easily pit an avocado, just slice into it, cutting around the pit. Pull apart the 2 pieces. Insert your knife in to the pit ( about 5 cm of so, just the tip). Wriggle the pit a bit and... (Continue reading)

Heralding the arrival of the Early Pearly

The little one has been cranky for a week. Not his usual sunny self, but crying, wanting to be held more, disdainfully rejecting my attempts at humor and cheered only by the antics of his brother. So I should have... (Continue reading)

Daily Tip-off – Banana Peel as a Rose Bush Fertilizer

This is something that I learned while I was living in California – the land of Roses.  Banana Peels makes an excellent fertilizer for a rose bush.  You can bury a flattened banana peel under the soil of a rose bush. ... (Continue reading)

Delicious Egg Curry


Egg- 8 onion-1 garlic- 2 cloves gingerpaste – 1 teaspoon tomato -1 green chilli, salt, turmeric – as needed red chilli powder   boil the eggs, slit from the middle, fry with salt and turmeric keep aside Then put some... (Continue reading)

Musur Dal Recipe


  Boil the appropriate musur daal with salt and turmeric Then in a wok put oil,  add Bengali paachphoron (five spices) and dried red chillies. Let them splutter, add some onion and fry Add the daal, cook for some time, Serve... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip-off: Storing Grocery Bags

One can re-use the plastic baby wipes case to store and organize the grocery bags.  This way, the grocery bags stay organzied and handy.  If you do not have empty baby wipe cases, you can recycle the empty tissue box... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Greening up

I got this one from a friend who throws lots of parties. Wash and store empty yogurt containers, country crock margerine boxes and the like in the pantry. Then pack the extra food and leftovers from potlucks in those if... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tip off – Getting rid of pimples

To get rid of a pimple for a party or meeting tomorrow, just add a bit of toothpaste on it and keep overnight. It usually works!... (Continue reading)

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Pineapple Chicken Tenders

“Delicious little bites for an appetizer or a light meal with a salad!” 1 cup pineapple juice 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/3 cup light soy sauce 2 pounds chicken breast tenderloins or strips skewers In a small saucepan over... (Continue reading)

Tip of the day

To get rid of tired,puffy eyes in the morning, put a chilled spoon on your eyes..You can put the spoon in the fridge for like 5 min..Your eyes are going to look fresh:-)... (Continue reading)

Memorial Day Cooking

Some holidays find their beginnings in religion, others celebrate an important historical person, and still others celebrate a particular day or world culture. Memorial Day stands alone as a holiday that arose out of appreciation for and remembrance of every... (Continue reading)

The story of when I was a kid and went out somewhere

Last year I thought I need to tell the babe more about my childhood. Because the context was so vastly different from where we are today and because I was quite sure he would never get to know many of... (Continue reading)

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Tip of the day

Here is an easy way to cook boiled eggs. Put some salt on  water when boling, and it will be done in  minutes.:-)... (Continue reading)

Summer Body Diet Plan

Shrink A Size, , Many people raise a question that how to stay fit in summer, these are the wayouts,, can try! Get SLIMMER for SUMMER Day 1 Breakfast: Cereal 1 cup unsweetened high-fiber flakes topped with 1 cup fat-free milk... (Continue reading)

The Crochet Circle


Years ago, my mother taught me to crochet along with all the other skills that mothers are wont to pass down to their daughters. I crafted a few afghans for gifts and soon disregarded that particular handiwork as my own... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tip off : stress management

I must say that I love the “daily tip-off” idea, because it is a quick way of sharing practical wisdom, and as one reader (Ranajit) points out, supports the “continuous improvement” model of living and working. I have a daily tip... (Continue reading)

Summer Event – A cooling Aam or Mango Dal recipe

Aam dal (Mango Lentil Soup)   Boil the dal (lentils). Put the kaancha aam (mango unripened ) in the daal Heat some oil inn the wok, Add methi and mustard seed let it splutter Then add the dal along with... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tip-off

Khushi started the Daily Tip-Off  and I think its a great idea.  I would love to hear from everybody on how they find short-cuts or easier way to deal with either cooking, household, organization, kids activities or taking care of... (Continue reading)

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