August, 2009

Assimilation as a senior citizen

We are in the middle of processing the green card for my husband’s parents and having them immigrate to U.S. from India.  They have visited us several times and have spent 6 months at a time living with us.  I think... (Continue reading)

Herniated Disc

Hello back again with another very common disease , which can be seen both in men and women , a very painful disease, treatments are there, but you have to be guided in a very proper way. Some detail I want... (Continue reading)

School Lunch Menu for the week – Indian and multicultural ideas


I thought I would format the post differently this time. But more importantly, where is everyone? Why no ideas? Maybe we need to put more ideas with an Indian or multicultural school lunches. Well, here I go again. Please give... (Continue reading)

The Objects of my Affection

Out and about I see babies with their ‘attachment objects’ – blankie’s galore, sometimes a soft toy such as a nice fluffy bear or a silky blue bunny with a satin bow. These meet with my general approval. Though my... (Continue reading)

School Lunch Menu Ideas for this week

Thanks everyone who made comments on my last post with ideas on what to serve for school lunch and snack for the whole week. Sarmila, thank you for your suggestions. I have incorporated some. Yasmin, Indrani, I have linked some... (Continue reading)

How the mind interferes with Consciousness

In a previous post – Future becomes Past without being Present – I shared how the only way to move through a time of intense suffering had been to live two hours at a time – that is, be fully and uncompromisingly present. This eventually led... (Continue reading)

Moms as Advocates

We often hear that moms are a childs best advocate. And strongest partner. But we forget. We doubt ourselves. Surrounded by experts (lactation consultants, pediatricians, super market checkout lady, friends, neighbors, teachers and family) I feel I may be wrong. Maybe we should... (Continue reading)

New-mommy pains … and gains

What could a non-mom ever know about new-mommy pains, right? Well, think again. As you know, about 5 weeks ago, I adopted Lailah. Yes, my little furry sidekick with golden eyes. Except, little did I realize, that a mommy of... (Continue reading)

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School Lunch and Snack Menu for the whole week

Hey guys, as you start the school year, if you are like me, you may run out of lunch menu ideas and healthy snack ideas. Of course, this is just for ideas, and please send me some! All of this... (Continue reading)

Lunch and Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

So its back to school time and we need to get back to packing lunches and rushed breakfasts. Here are some ideas for breakfasts for kids before school. You will find great ideas for breakfast some of which double up... (Continue reading)

Back to School – Some additional tips

Susana had some additional tips to offer for new parents, which I included in a new post as you may have already read the post I made yesterday on Back to School Tips from a Veteran Teacher. Some examples of... (Continue reading)

Back to School Tips from a Veteran Teacher

So its that time of the year again – Back to school. For those of us who are not from the US, back to school or especially starting school for the first time can be a but daunting.  Whereas we... (Continue reading)

First Words

The baby said his first word ! And no, its not Mommy – though she has been saying that word to him a million times a day, inserting it into every conceivable conversation gap . (This is Mommy. Now Mommy... (Continue reading)