September, 2009

Creating a life beyond migraines – The Spiritual Dimension

This is the last post in the series, Creating a life beyond migraines, for which I have presented The Physical Dimension and The Mental / Emotional Dimension; this post is on The Spiritual Dimension. To meet the overarching goal for removing... (Continue reading)

Being a mother is the neccessity for Invention?

Have you ever thought how being a mom has made you a creative improviser? It certainly has made me one. Last week I had an important meeting. On the way there, I had to drop off my son at school.... (Continue reading)

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Celebrating Durga Pujo


  Durga Puja also referred to as “Durgotsab”, is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates worship of Hindu Goddess Durga. Durga Puja is widely celebrated in the eastern part of India, specially in West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and... (Continue reading)

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Durga Puja Wishes


Durga Puja Today, Durga Puja starts. Kolkata is decked and ready for the excitement filled five days ahead. And in the rest of the world we celebrate as well. Peace and prosperity to all! I got my sons their puja... (Continue reading)

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Are you pregnant?

No, I am not writing this in sequel to ‘Think you are pregnant?’ I am talking about the questions that I am being asked by well meaning neighbours, aunties and my son’s friends’ mothers. Let me give you a back... (Continue reading)

Celebrating a tumultous, enchanting year

My little one is going to turn one. I sat down to write about him and his sweet little ways and me and my travels and travails, but all I want to write about is you. This last year my... (Continue reading)

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In search of Jalebis and Gathias…

I had just arrived the previous night and had stayed up till wee hours catching up with family. But as was expected, I was up bright and early due to jet-lag while everyone else was deep in slumber. It was... (Continue reading)

Site to See: Family Watchdog

Hi. We thought it would be interesting if we shared every week a ‘website of the week’ or a ‘site to see’ that we found useful, funny or just loved. This weeks I have one of the first category. Family Watchdog is a website... (Continue reading)

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Creating a life beyond migraines – The Mental / Emotional Dimension

After introducing the topic – Creating a life beyond migraines, I promised elaborations in 3 dimensions: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Last week I posted on The Physical Dimension, and here is an elaboration on The Mental/Emotional Dimension. (Most of the guidelines offered below... (Continue reading)

My Friend Veenu!

As we travel through this journey called life, we cross paths with several co-passengers, if you will, along the way. Some, we travel with for long periods of time and then there are those with whom our paths cross ever... (Continue reading)

Think you are pregnant?

This is the second in our post of life being pregnant in the US if you are from India or a foreign country. This one is on Pregnancy Symptoms. Think you are pregnant? How exciting! Did you buy the home pregnancy... (Continue reading)

Navigating pregnancy in the USA if you are from India or a foreign country

Are you for India or a foreign country, and pregnant in the USA? If you are pregnant, or planning to be, congratulations on your decision to embark on one of the tumultuous journeys of life – full of love and... (Continue reading)

Creating a life beyond migraines – The Physical Dimension

Last week I introduced Creating a Life Beyond Migraines, with a promise to follow up on the physical dimension, mental/emotional dimension, and the spiritual dimension. To meet the overarching goal for removing all toxicity and allowing yourself to heal from within, the following are... (Continue reading)

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Flu, Swine Flu, Colds and other headaches

Like most other moms I know, I have been struggling with how to look at swine flu. First there was all the media coverage of last spring. Their was hysteria, including notes in our room when we checked in to... (Continue reading)

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Breakfast for Kids


I was reading through an article today, wanted to share with you about  a simple thing but very important, that is about our kids. Most parents have their complain regarding their kids’ eating habit.. do not force foods on them,... (Continue reading)

Creating a life beyond migraines – Introduction

Having experienced debilitating migraines for the last 19 years, the journey from surviving with them to thriving inspite of them has been long, arduous, insightful and ultimately, joyful. I have accessed science, art and spirituality to first understand my migraines,... (Continue reading)

Conversation at Midnight

It was one o’clock in the morning. The family had just returned after a family dinner. Hubby is sloshed with two drinks down. Mom and son are not sleepy at all. They had slept like logs for good three hours... (Continue reading)