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Thoughts on Love and Friendsip

This is in response to this month’s topic “Something to talk about this month – Love and Friendship” It seems appropriate to write more as everybody will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in a few days time… I would like to... (Continue reading)

Top 10 Nutrition Tips

  Today I like to share some nutrition guides, we who are working on this profession, face lot of questions all the time. How much to eat, how to eat and lot of confusions goes on in most people’s mind.... (Continue reading)

Chire r Polao / Poha Polao

Hello back again with a tasty snack,, very easy to make, healthy , needs very little oil. But everyone  from kids to older people will like it, very easy to digest. chire/poha- 250 gm potato-2 cauliflower-4 flowers beans-5-6 carrot-1 peas-a... (Continue reading)

To Do or Not to Do is the question

Today’s headlines in The Times of India (TOI) is, ‘1.75 lakh kids couldn’t get nursery seats.’ I am talking about Delhi, the capital of Rising India and kids who are little over 3 years and few 4 years old, who... (Continue reading)

Finding friendship in love and love in friendship


With inspiration from this month’s proposed theme in celebration of Valentine’s Day, I am reminded of some realizations about love and friendship I have accumulated through my experiences. Romantic love stands out as unique because of the special and distinct attrtibute of sexual... (Continue reading)

Something to talk about this month – Love and friendship

Hello everyone! Malini had a great idea – maybe we can come up with a topic for each month and we can write, discuss our thoughts and experiences around it as one of the topics we talk about. This wont of course,... (Continue reading)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

This time I wanted to share about a general discussion of a very common sexually transmitted disease AIDS. Human Immunodeficiency Virus   Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the causative agent for AIDS. The most common type is known as HIV-1 and... (Continue reading)

First Public Performance

Last Sunday was my son’s first ‘public performance’. The play club that he goes to had organized for a Spring Carnival and Annual sports meet along with a march past. Needless to say hubby and I were over enthusiastic about... (Continue reading)

Chilli Nutrela

This is one of my experimental recipe,it turns out really tasty, very easy to make. Ingredients:- nutrela- 1 lb onion- 2 chopped capsicum- 1 cut into pieces garlic- 4 pieces chopped greenchilli-10 – 15  finely chopped... (Continue reading)

Roll, baby Roll, Rock and Roll

A few days back the little one executed his first roll over turning himself from tummy to back. Drum rolls, please! So last time around, I missed most of the milestones of my baby’s babyhood. Those ‘firsts’ which compare in... (Continue reading)

Sweet Dish on the occasion of Saraswati Puja


... (Continue reading)

Cauliflower Shrimp Kasha

Hello friends, back again with another yummy recipe.Nowadays, people are health conscious, so keeping that in mind, here is a tasty but low fat recipe.   Ingredients Shrimp-1lb Cauliflower(small)-1 cut into small pieces Garlic-6-7  pieces Onion-finely chopped- 1 Tomato-1 (cut... (Continue reading)

Boondi Ladoo

Hello Everyone, Wish all of you a very Happy Shree Panchami or Saraswati Pujo, what ever you say.. Today for Saraswati Pujo I am sharing my  Grandma in law’s(didishashuri) one delicacy. Sometimes she used to make this laddos , and we... (Continue reading)

Gall Bladder Problems

The gall bladder is a small pear shaped +organ situated underneath the liver.Both work in tandem, gall bladder storing bile produced by the liver and then releasing it as needed in the digestive process. When partially digested food passes from... (Continue reading)


Today I write about the emotional transition a work-from-home mom has to make when planning to go back to work full-time.   I started out the day reading a list of “bad things moms do…” on an internet message board.... (Continue reading)

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Doi Begun (Eggplants with yogurt)


Doi Begun Hello, I am Roma Saha, stay in Kolkata ,sometimes I come to visit my two sons in USA, at present I am in Sunnyvale, California, will be back to Kolkata to my own house in May . I like... (Continue reading)

The world through the toddler’s eyes.


I heard Mom tell my older cousins, “Always be truthful and honest.” During Diwali, Dadai (my mom’s dad)took me to Kali Pujo and for some reason I have an image of Kali Ma now. The other day at doctor uncle’s... (Continue reading)

Lamb and Aubergine Moussaka


  Hi everyone! It’s a long time since I posted my last recipe. Well today I am back with Moussaka, a traditional Eggplant (Aubergine) based dish in the Balkans and the Middle East, but most closely associated with Greece and Turkey.... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Monika


  Profession: IT Kids:  Tisha (7) , krish (3) Born and brought up in: India Currently base in: India Countries lived in: USA, India Cultures in my life: Indian, American     What did you find most interesting about living and... (Continue reading)

When the lights were out

For all those who grew up in India, do you remember the times when we were little and the lights went out, especially at night? This past December in Seattle was more severe than many can remember. Most people who’ve... (Continue reading)

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