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The Daily Tipoff – Small Treats

As a stay at home mom juggling kids and finances, I dont get very much time to treat myself to something which takes a long time or more money. So I decided to go in for ‘small treats’ and its... (Continue reading)

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A delicious sweet,, easy to make! Ingredients: 3 cups plain flour (maida) 3/4 cup ghee, melted & cool Curds 1/2 cup 1/4 tsp. soda bicarb 1/4 tsp. fine cardamom powder ghee to deep fry Syrup: 1-1/2 cups sugar 3/4 cup... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tip Off – Re-using baby food jars

One way – Give your spice rack a cool lift by using the transparent, air tight and pretty once you take off the label jars for colorful spices. Another – Store colorful sewing supplies like buttons, needles etc. Love to... (Continue reading)

Table (Eaves) Dropping

Have you done Table (Eaves) dropping? That is, listen to the conversation at the next table at a restaurant? So we finally went out to eat at a really nice restaurant yesterday. My husband has been working really hard, night... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip off – Eye makeup touchups

Carry a couple of Qtips in your bag, and use them to gently remove any eye makeup messes that indavertently happen by you rubbing your sleepy eyes or other such mishaps. You can wet one side of the Qtip to... (Continue reading)

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Exercising – Its the thought that counts

Sunday: 11 pm: Mom sees a pre-mom picture of herself and decides her stretched tummy muscles demand regular exercise. Sets alarm for 5: 00 am Monday: 5:00 am: Alarm rings, mom awakens, almost feeling her stomach muscles shrink as she... (Continue reading)

Daily Tip Off: The 8 Principles of Creating Fun

As described in my case-study / restrospective “In pursuit of being (something)” the essence of everything I have been doing, can be summed up in four important elements: LOVE, TRUTH, CREATIVITY and FUN. Here is a set of inspirational and actionable principles many of which I have to... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Come Hither, Cleopatra

For a quick face pickup, splash your face with milk and then rinse off  ( a good way to use leftover milk in sippy cup? You can decide based on the yuckiness quotient). It adds instant glow. And Cleopatra used... (Continue reading)

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Birthday Party, Bollywood Style

My friend has some of the most creative party ideas I have seen ( I was going to use ‘funnest’ even though I dont have a tween but my collapsing command over Queens English is another story). Last year she... (Continue reading)

Daily Tip Off: The 48-Hour Emergency Rule

I developed this rule when working in a fast-paced, aggressive work / life environment, when I first realized that most of us react in stressful situations, very few of us respond, and very, very few of us actually initiate the... (Continue reading)

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Cucumber Diet

Looking for something low in calories, low in fat, filling and yes – handsome?  Then you might be enticed by the perky cucumber. Cucumbers act as a diuretic and aid in removing trapped water from the body.  Too much salt... (Continue reading)

Daily tip- how to get the dark eyeliner off

Here is an cheap and inexpensive way to take the eyeliner even the waterproof ones off..My mom used to do this to me when I was a small kid. and I still do the same instead of buying the expensive eyemakeup... (Continue reading)

In pursuit of being (something)

So, it’s exactly a year to the date since I began my journey in search of … being. On reflecting back, I was operating on a hunch that being something must first start by … just being. Modern culture, and certainly South... (Continue reading)

Mom-in-Question: Tiyash


Snapshot: Name: Tiyash Occupation: Mom, Management Consultant, Engineer, Entrepreneur Kids: Two boys 3 and 7 months Born and brought up: Kolkata and Delhi, India Countries lived in: India and United States (In US for 9 years) Cultures that influence my... (Continue reading)

Summer Event – Activities for Kids – Artwork

Sometime back, we had interviewed Linda Travers as our Woman in Question. Linda is an art teacher and an entrepreneur who runs the very successful Abrakadoodle art franchise in Atlanta. She has extensive experience in working with kids around art. Here... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip off – To pit an avocado

To easily pit an avocado, just slice into it, cutting around the pit. Pull apart the 2 pieces. Insert your knife in to the pit ( about 5 cm of so, just the tip). Wriggle the pit a bit and... (Continue reading)

Heralding the arrival of the Early Pearly

The little one has been cranky for a week. Not his usual sunny self, but crying, wanting to be held more, disdainfully rejecting my attempts at humor and cheered only by the antics of his brother. So I should have... (Continue reading)

Daily Tip-off – Banana Peel as a Rose Bush Fertilizer

This is something that I learned while I was living in California – the land of Roses.  Banana Peels makes an excellent fertilizer for a rose bush.  You can bury a flattened banana peel under the soil of a rose bush. ... (Continue reading)

Delicious Egg Curry


Egg- 8 onion-1 garlic- 2 cloves gingerpaste – 1 teaspoon tomato -1 green chilli, salt, turmeric – as needed red chilli powder   boil the eggs, slit from the middle, fry with salt and turmeric keep aside Then put some... (Continue reading)

Musur Dal Recipe


  Boil the appropriate musur daal with salt and turmeric Then in a wok put oil,  add Bengali paachphoron (five spices) and dried red chillies. Let them splutter, add some onion and fry Add the daal, cook for some time, Serve... (Continue reading)

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