February, 2010

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Fun recipe to cook with kids – Volcano Meatloaf


Quick and fun recipe for a meal to cook with kids - volcano meatloaf with candy sweet potatoes and brocolli.... (Continue reading)

Remedy for rough skin – Post Holi or Sun Exposure


Skin feels rough post Holi or Sun exposure? The Sun or the colors and the soap that follows can leave your skin feeling rough. For a quick pick me up and soother, take the cream that forms on top of boiled... (Continue reading)

Holi Contest

A Holi Contest! For writers, bloggers, moms, parents. Win a $20 Starbucks Gift Card or Rs. 1000 (in India- thats the approximate equivalent of $20 as of today) now on Bloggermoms. Write a post on Holi on this site between February... (Continue reading)

Spiderman, Superman, Batman


We moved to Singapore about two months back and contrary to what most relatives and friends had said, the move turned out to be the toughest on my darling boy. He is extremely attached with his grandparents, cousins, uncles and... (Continue reading)

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Sensory Integration Disorder / Sensory Integration Dysfunction


Just the other day, one of my friends was asking about Sensory Integration Disorder. As I had no information, I decided to do some net search and came to know about some relevant and startling facts. After going through several... (Continue reading)

My journey of writing … to publishing – Inspirations


Since I was a little girl, I loved to express myself, and share with others. With words, with music, with paints. I also came to love what I now call “synaesthesia* in creative expressions – where story meets architecture and architecture... (Continue reading)

Preventing Cracked Nails in Kids


If you kids get cracked nails, try giving them more Jello. The gelatin apparently helps improve nail strength.... (Continue reading)

Holi Celebrations in Preschool and School

Holi Celebration Ideas for Schools and Preschools includes craft, party and other celebration ideas for preschoolers and older kids... (Continue reading)

Childrens Lunch Menu for This Week – Multicultural Ideas


Kids lunch box ideas. Kids lunch box recipes. I struggle with this every week, so I thought writing it down would give me ideas and make me more disciplined and reduce the morning rush. I try to keep it multicultural... (Continue reading)

Home Remedies for Constipation


Home remedies for constipation or natural cures for constipation are in my opinion the right way  to go. Many of these are surprisingly effective. Especially in the case of constipation in babies or toddlers or constipation in pregnant women natural... (Continue reading)

Growing up


Every morning we hurry to get the babe off to school. Sometimes he is sleepy, sometimes not. Its wake up, dress, brush, breakfast, pack lunch, feed baby breakfast – just a mad rush. Then he is off. I am till mid... (Continue reading)

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The Efficient Mom – 5 things I cant do without part 2


In my last post, I mentioned there are five things I must have with me before leaving the house.  The first one is antibacterial wipes and the second is little packets of tissue.  I stash them in my purse, diaper... (Continue reading)

Quick Tips For Hair Care

Tips For Hair Care ... (Continue reading)

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Travel and Driving During Pregnancy

Travel and Driving During Pregnancy ... (Continue reading)

Pregnancy Ultrasounds – Essential For Smooth Delivery

Pregnancy Ultrasounds... (Continue reading)

About Epidural Anesthesia

Epidural Anesthesia... (Continue reading)

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Fetal Development

# Fetal Development # ... (Continue reading)

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Juices and shakes for 6-12 months old baby

Juices and shakes ... (Continue reading)

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First cereal recipes

First cereal ... (Continue reading)

First soups for indian baby

soups for baby.... (Continue reading)

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