May, 2010

Top Habits of Germophobes


Habits of Germophobes – why on earth am I writing about that? Well, sometimes posts have strange inspirations. This weekend I came back from the Indian store with a packet of desi yogurt and before putting it in the fridge,... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Urmi


Name: Urmi Nair Profession: Service, Working with an Asset Management Company of a leading bank for the last six years, work includes managing the Customer Service and Operations, proposition of Eastern India. Kid: 1 Daughter, Juhi, 5 years 5 months... (Continue reading)

In sickness and in health

I have been away from the site forever it seems, except maybe to surface and comment briefly. The reason was that over the last two weeks or more, I have been very sick. It began as shivering and fever, which led... (Continue reading)

Indian Resources in Atlanta – For Indians new to Atlanta

Indian new to Atlanta? Here are some Indian resources in Atlanta to get you started. Atlanta has a huge Indian population and Indian stores, restaurants and resources can be found in almost all parts of the city. Areas where there are... (Continue reading)

Indian Movies and TV Channels in Atlanta

Indian Movie Theatres Galaxy Cinema Funplex in Jimmy Carter Boulevard and in Riverdale. Check for locations Most Big Bollywood movies are also usually screened in AMC theatres, Google by movie name and location. Indian TV Channels Most Indian TV... (Continue reading)

Indian Saris and Dresses in Atlanta

Indian Saris and dresses are available at a few different stores in Atlanta. You can usually also get Indian jewelry in stores at the same complex. The stores usually also have Indian outfits for girls and boys of all ages,... (Continue reading)

Indian Restaurants in Atlanta

Indian Restaurants in Atlanta are plentiful. Balancing taste and ambience are often an issue. Here are some we like from around the city. Madras Saravana Bhavan (South Indian Cuisine) Decatur 2179 Lawrenceville Highway Decatur, GA 30033 (404) 636-4400 Bhojanic... (Continue reading)

Indian Beauty Parlors in Atlanta

Indian Beauty Parlors in Atlanta provide all services like threading, henna etc at reasonable prices. Weekends are very busy at most of them, so call for appointments. This is not an exhaustive list, there are many more. Many Indian beauticians... (Continue reading)

Indian Grocery Stores in Atlanta

Indian Grocery Stores in Atlanta are all over the map. Find one close to you for convenience, and try some of the larger ones occasionally for a better selection. They are also great places to find Indian Spices in Atlanta.... (Continue reading)

Self Publishing How To’s – Tips on Self Publishing Success


Self Publishing How To’s talk of a dream – want your book on Amazon or Barnes or Noble? Did you know you could pay some money you can sell your book on any online store worth its salt?Want to brand... (Continue reading)

How to sell your house in this tough market


My house sold after being on the market for 16 days. In this economy it’s simply unheard of, but not impossible. You can set yourself up for success too.  Just remember you will need to go above and beyond what... (Continue reading)

I want Arnav!


“I want Arnav” – Three simple words uttered by my 4 yr old son Aadit on our drive back home from his preschool. Three words that made me tear up and smile at the same time! He misses his little brother;... (Continue reading)

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Please help!!!

My eight year old has had an upset stomach and vomit twice now. I have been giving him fluids but the pharmasit suggested to give him Children’s Pepto. That didnt stay in his tummy. What would you suggest for me... (Continue reading)

Night-time Drama


I was laughing at myself in the middle of the night. Here I was cramped between my daughter and our baby and I remembered a while ago I thought we are just blessed with a miracle of children who just... (Continue reading)

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Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a Mother’s Day! My husband got me a customized t-shirt which says “This Mamma belongs to..” & then my children’s names. That was really sweet of him; considering his history of forgetting gift part from other important occasions... (Continue reading)

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Happy Mothers Day!


A very happy mothers day to moms and grandmoms everywhere. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this special day with your kids and moms. If you mom lives far away, dont forget to call, and check out this article... (Continue reading)

On Mother’s Day: A house for my parents


How often does one imagine that one might design the future of one’s parents? Right from when we’re little kids, we rely on our parents to design our lives. Then at some point, if we’re truly growing up, that changes,... (Continue reading)

Preschool Mothers Day 2010


Mother’s day for preschool moms throws interesting challenges for dads and caregivers. So here are some ideas on what to do on Mother’s Day for preschool moms. The preschool stage is interesting as preschoolers are ready to help and have... (Continue reading)

Top 10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas


Mothers Day Gift Ideas? Mothers Day 2010 is coming up on May 9th. Are you looking for things to do on Mother’s Day? Here is a list of gift ideas for mothers day to get you thinking about what you can... (Continue reading)

For Moms:Things to do on Mother’s Day 2010 for yourselves


What to do for Mothers Day? The date for Mother’s day 2010 is May 9. While dads and kids rack their brains for ideas on what to do on Mother’s Day to surprise and honor mom, we have seen that... (Continue reading)