June, 2010

Fourth of July Activities with Kids – Some ideas that are simple and free


Fourth of July with kids? Here are some ideas to try with kids to celebrate July 4.  Fourth of July Activities with Kids  1. Talk about it: Always on our list, this first point is really about talking with your... (Continue reading)

Celebrating USA


So the economy is down in the doldrums, still. The miracles we expected when Obama was elected President, did not quite happen. At least not yet. There is an oil spill in the gulf. Unemployment is high. Houses in our... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Sanjukta


Name:  Sanjukta Banerjee  Profession: Lecturer/ Department Coordinator & Graduate Studies Coordinator at a leading University. Kid: 1 Born and brought up:  Calcutta , India. What did you find most interesting about the US when you came here?  Freeways and how fast... (Continue reading)

Fathers Day Gifts from Baby

Fathers day gifts from baby can be a challenge especially given that baby is so cute and mom has to find a gift to live up to him or her.  So here are some ideas: A beautifully framed hand or... (Continue reading)

The Mommy Connection

About five years ago, I became a mom. I know people say that you become a mom once you are pregnant, and I did everything I could to take care of my baby when he was inside me, but I... (Continue reading)

Preschool Fathers Day 2010


Fathers day 2010 is June 20th . Preschoolers are just the right age to begin understanding fathers day and participating in celebrating it with dads. Here are some ideas to get you thinking: Hand Print Art for Office: Use the... (Continue reading)

Father’s Day with Kids – Top Things to do on Father’s Day 2010


Planning Fathers Day 2010 with kids? Looking for top things to do on Fathers day with kids? Its difficult to start from scratch, so we have a list of ideas to get you started. Family Picnic: Take advantage of the... (Continue reading)

Fathers Day Gift Ideas for 2010


Father’s Day Gift Ideas and things to do with dad on father’s day are becoming top of mind for many families as Fathers Day 2010 is round the corner. The date for Father’s Day 2010 is June 20th, Sunday. Here... (Continue reading)

Sanjay Gupta’s Show on Toxins in your Home

I was quite interested in seeing Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s show on ‘Toxins in your home’. I missed it and I could not find the entire show online, but I found a video summary which was quite good. It was interesting... (Continue reading)