July, 2010

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How does having children affect a marriage?

Does having children bring out differences in a marriage or make the marriage stronger? Parenting today is a whole new ballgame compared to the yester year. Ones a child is born, couples spend more time with their children than by... (Continue reading)

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Daisy and the Candlestands


Howdy Moms, Having a good day? I had a great day and I have my buddy Daisy and shopping to thank:-) Well....I would not really say “shopping” with an aim to buy something specific....oh well maybe socks for “Elvis” my 4 yr... (Continue reading)

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The less guitly sex


Social expectations of what a mom is supposed to be hasn’t evolved since women have entered the workforce. We used to be expected to excel as moms. Now we are expected to excel both as mothers and career women. Men... (Continue reading)

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Cats at work


So my office is pretty casual. Shorts, T-shirts, even a flip flop or two. Track pants. I love that. So even though I am in office, I can still wear casual clothes and have not yet had to really update... (Continue reading)

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Daisy – Incepted


Hiya Gals, I finally got to see the “Inception” last night ( their credit card machine was still down BUT I used my kidneys (another name for brain...duh) this time and took the all might cash for the ticket) And even... (Continue reading)

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Cashless Daisy


Hey Gals, Hope you had a great weekend!! My weekend was uneventful. I tried seeing the movie “Inception” but was turned away at the box office. No, not cause I'm underage (I wish) but cause I had no cash. In a... (Continue reading)

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... (Continue reading)

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Symptoms of hyperthyroidism in men

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism in men, also known as an overactive thyroid gland, should not ignored or untreated. Hyperthyroidism occurs when a thyroid produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. Basically, it works too hard. There are other factors that... (Continue reading)

Wishing Daisy Gorgeous

  Hello my dear fellow Daisies, Hope you had a a wonderful day or at least wished for one. No tax to be paid there…right? Even if there is….I dont wanna know Uncle Sam. Did I ever tell you the... (Continue reading)

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Calling Ms. Daisy


Hello ladies/girls/women, Long time no see!!!…. Oh well..that might be ’cause we have never met or heard of each other. BUT Im hoping that will change and you will tune in frequently to read what I have to say …heheh,... (Continue reading)

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Preschool Summer Reading – A house is a house for me


Preschool reading suggestions for the summer? All summer, we will be listing out books we are loving. Do suggest some that you are liking. We would love to hear from your summer reading experience with your preschooler. A House Is... (Continue reading)

Summer Tip and a touch of spa


For a touch of spa in your weekend or week, peel and slice some cucumbers or lemons or oranges and put them out in a transparent pitcher with ice and water. You can do this when friends are over for... (Continue reading)

Rooibos Lemonade and a cool and refreshing chat


Summer drinks top my ordering list now. Even when I am out at cafes, I am ditching my much beloved coffee for some cool, light refreshing options.Out with friends this Friday night, I ended up ordering the ‘Rooibos Lemonade’ from... (Continue reading)

Ruffle of Motherhood!


These days having sound sleep at night seems like a mirage to me- something illusory and unattainable. Considering I have a 4 month old, I never imagined that I would get more then 2 at the maximum of 3 hours... (Continue reading)

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Fighting Guilt

Guilt, guilt and guilt! I have even come to the conclusion that guilt is the part of motherhood. Ever since I got pregnant with my first daughter I have experienced this one emotion very strongly. During my first pregnancy I... (Continue reading)

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Summer Activities with Kids – Field Trip to a Grocery Store


Summer activities for kids are many but often difficult to think of when we are dazed in the heat. So we thought we will put out one activity every day. Nothing major, just a summery idea. Today we thought, how... (Continue reading)

Preschool Summer Reading – Abuela


Abuela  by Arthur Dorros is a delightful boook about a girl and her grandma and how they go on a flying adventure around the city. The book has beautiful multicultural paintings. The illustrations are richly detailed and you can spend... (Continue reading)

Summer Activity for Kids


Summer Activity for Kids of all ages are top of mind for moms as the novelty of the summer break wears off and the days seem long and exhausting. So we thought it might be fun to publish an activity... (Continue reading)

Kids Summer Reading Ideas


As happens each summer, the babe and I are on a reading spree. I love going to the library and choosing books, but finding ones we love are sometimes difficult. So I thought I will share a few times a... (Continue reading)

Ideas for Long Summer Afternoons with Kids


Check out this post for some good ideas on what to do on long summer afternoons with kids, right when nap gets over, and dinner seems far away, and its too hot to go out. Please let us know what... (Continue reading)

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