September, 2010

Nostalgic Daisy


Hello Ladies, Morning to you all! Warning – I don’t feel funny today I suddenly had this urge to share or more like urge for you nice ladies to listen to what I had to say. I was just reading... (Continue reading)

Daisy Fall


Hello ladies, Happy fall!! Do you feel that chill every morning when you are trying to get up and every single minute that you can spend under the covers is pure bliss cause who would like to get up and... (Continue reading)

The age of Ben10 and Aliens


I am quite against the idea of letting my son be influenced by certain cartoon characters which depict violence of any form but I guess some things in life are inevitable. So despite my supreme efforts in keeping my son... (Continue reading)

Lookout for the silver lining

Life is all about challenges, so it seems at times. Facing hardships, coming to terms with reality and then gathering the strength to move on with life. Today is one of those days when I’m missing my Dad a lot... (Continue reading)

On the road…

The long waited San Diego trip was getting closer. It was our first road trip with recently potty trained toddled & our infant of 6 months. I knew from the beginning that it will be bit adventurous yet fun filled... (Continue reading)

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Relaxing Dinner with Kids(?)

We decided to have a relaxing dinner in the middle of the week to surprise ourselves. Something to get out of the routine so that we can keep going through the week. We arrived at the restaurant on time without... (Continue reading)

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Festive Daisy


  Hi gals, Great morning to you all. I just dropped Elvis to his school and I am a little upbeat. Why you ask?….cause the morning was uneventful for once. Elvis and Presley cooperated with me in the little tiny... (Continue reading)

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The Writing on my Forehead


The Writing on my Forehead by Nafisa Haji is a book about Saira, a Muslim American of Indo-Pak origin. Free spirited and rebellious Saira has grown up in California and from her childhood has been caught between the boundaries for... (Continue reading)

The not time for bed book


Time for Bed was a favorite bed time book for the babe. It has cute, calming photos of mommy and baby animals (though I never quite liked the snake one), and is wonderful to read during cuddling. If you havent read... (Continue reading)

The Emergency Bag


For times when the kids are very cranky, say just after school or day care or a day at the mall, fish out the emergency bag! Just take any special looking bag (maybe those conference bags that you never use)... (Continue reading)

Lactose Intolerant Kids School Lunch Ideas


Lactose intolerance in kids? Here are some school lunch ideas for lactose intolerant kids that might work. Of course, you should check with your doctor to make sure these are OK for your kids. LUNCH IDEAS FOR LACTOSE INTOLERANT KIDS... (Continue reading)



Review Have you ever seen a movie or read a book twice and has the perspective changed completely? Originally based on Eric Segal’s Man, Woman and Child, Masoom is one of those rare movies which is much better than the... (Continue reading)

Lost and Found


Growing up, we were taught that when confronted with grief or trouble, ‘lose’ yourself – in work, in prayers, in your kids. This philosophy was served with dal and roti from moms and aunties, told and retold in stories and text books... (Continue reading)

Earrings for little girls without getting ears pierced


Want to dress up your girls in preety ear rings but afraid to get their ears pierced? Apparently bindis work great as colorful, often shiny earrings, and come with no pain. Learnt this tip from a friend – Bindisare in... (Continue reading)



We went out of town all weekend and when we got back, I suddenly realized that homework was due….(shame on me, lazy mommy :)) The babe is in kindergarten and though we dont officially get homework, we are begining to... (Continue reading)

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Daisy kids


  Hello my fellow Daisy’s, I have missed you guys. I have had a busy month. My mom was visiting and also Elvis started pre-k (I cant yeaaaa enough) That means I have the whole morning to myself…well and Presley... (Continue reading)

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