December, 2010

Saving a year, are we?

This dilemma is often faced by parents of kids whose birthday falls past the school cut-off date. The dilemma is whether to follow the mandate and stay put or jump through hoops to ‘save a year’ by pushing the child... (Continue reading)

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My Dadu’s 100th Birthday


Today is my dadu (mom’s dad’s) 100th birthday. When he was born, of course, there was no ipad and photography was an occasion in itself….so infact much as I would like, I cannot flip back and see him go through the... (Continue reading)

The bug that goes around


Back when I did not have kids, I would look disdainfully at coworkers who claimed that their kids made them sick. Really? I would think. Kids get so sick? Somehow in India I dont remember general awareness or recognition of... (Continue reading)

Working Mom Ideas – Tips for organizing mornings


Last week was a tough one for me. My husband was out of town and I had the kids and the house and my job all to myself. To complicate matters both the school and my office is far from... (Continue reading)

Old Year Resolutions


Last year I started making ‘old year resolutions’ in December. With a month to go, and many a resolution and good intention gone awry, I saw this as my way to claim victory over proscrastination and that sinking feeling that I... (Continue reading)

The Santa Question


I sometimes wonder how do other moms and dads deal with the age old and inevitable kids’ question “Is Santa real?”…..the one that falls in the same category as “Where do babies come from?” and “Why don’t girls have pee... (Continue reading)