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Travel and Driving During Pregnancy

Travel and Driving During Pregnancy ... (Continue reading)

Pregnancy Ultrasounds – Essential For Smooth Delivery

Pregnancy Ultrasounds... (Continue reading)

About Epidural Anesthesia

Epidural Anesthesia... (Continue reading)

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Fetal Development

# Fetal Development # ... (Continue reading)

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Juices and shakes for 6-12 months old baby

Juices and shakes ... (Continue reading)

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First cereal recipes

First cereal ... (Continue reading)

First soups for indian baby

soups for baby.... (Continue reading)

Healthy Snacks for Kids on the Go


Having a child with food allergies makes snacking when we’re not at home a bit challenging. I have to prepare ahead of time because I can’t stop and pick something up at a restaurant or a vending machine. This challenge... (Continue reading)

Impact of weather on my wallet!

I think because Atlanta had this spate of drought for the last three years, I could go through the first few years of the babe’s life without raincoats. I bought rain boots, but the crocs kind just because he loved... (Continue reading)

5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do

5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do ... (Continue reading)

Understanding the Power of Stem Cells


Stem Cells ... (Continue reading)

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Efficient Mom – Things I can’t do without


I can’t leave the house without my Wet Ones antibacterial hands and face wipes. I keep a canister in the car, which fits nicely in the cup holder. I keep the individually wrapped Wet One’s in my purse and diaper... (Continue reading)

H4 Visa Volunteer Jobs – 5 things to remember


H4 visa vounteer jobs are a great opportunity. Because even though you are in a foreign country, and not earning money, you are gaining valuable experience which will add to your confidence and skills, and lines on your resume. And... (Continue reading)

Kids Lunch Ideas – Multicultural Lunch Menu for Kids for this week


Kids Lunches. Kids lunch menu ideas. For me, I am always lookig for those. So I thought I will start posting multicultural kids lunch menu ideas so that I can get ideas down and make it easier for me every... (Continue reading)

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines Day!


Hope everyone is having a great Valentines day. Have a wonderful, romantic time. Also a very happy Chinese New Year. For those of you who like me have fallen behind on resolutions, this is a great time to start again.... (Continue reading)

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Holding the pen correctly


Do you have problems getting your kids to hold the markers correctly when they are learning to write? I found that Crayola pip squeaks are so small that they are bound to grip them the right way. Suzie 2001 ford... (Continue reading)

H4 Visa – The most romantic visa?

H4 visa. I happen to think that the H4 is the most romantic visa in the world. Agree? Where else would you have someone move to another country, stay without working and be supportive of their spouse all for the... (Continue reading)

Efficient Mom Tip


Just a reminder to those of you who love to plan ahead, now is the time to buy winter jackets, hats and gloves for next year.  Most of the major retailers have remarkable discounts and if you are not too... (Continue reading)

Pregnancy Exercise – The Benefits for You and Your Baby


 Growing a baby inside of you is a workout in and of itself that can be exhausting. And while the last thing on your mind may be adding exercise to your pregnant days, it is one of the best things... (Continue reading)

The internet is ruining my life – and yours too


The number of options for wasting time on my computer has reached a critical mass. E-mail, blogs, social networks, podcasts, E-books, three full seasons of Oprah on streaming video. I spend my time reading crappy status message updates from people... (Continue reading)

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