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The Slight Edge – Is It Working For You?


Hi Bloggermoms! It has been way too long since my last post.  I have no excuse!  The summer just flew by and Fall seems to be moving at warp speed.  So I figure I better get on the ball before I... (Continue reading)

Mama’s Day out!


It was the perfect day to be with my loved son. I took a day off and decided to give him 100% attention. Since he is the second one I always tend to have guilt feeling that he never gets... (Continue reading)

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Break it down


Over the last few months, I have struggled with time and life management. How to balance life and find time for the things I want to do. One of the most effective tools I found was this – break a... (Continue reading)

Diwali Celebrations – Ideas for Children


Diwali celebrations for children is a time filled with joy, warmth and excitement. DIWALI 2011 is around the corner! Here are some Diwali ideas for children to make it an extra special time: 1.Decking the rooms: Involve your kids in cleaning and... (Continue reading)

Office Diwali Party and Celebrating Diwali at work


Celebrating Diwali at work? Diwali 2011 is around the corner! In this economy, who does not need some prosperity in the office. Diwali is the celebration of a new start, of prosperity, honoring friends and family. So whether you are... (Continue reading)

Preschool Diwali Celebrations or School Diwali Celebrations – Party Ideas


Planning a preschool or school diwali party? Here are some party ideas to do both in school or in a playdate or at home: For a preschool diwali party or a school diwali party in class or at home: Decorations... (Continue reading)

Chicken recipe for toddlers!

Ingredients: Chicken diced into small cubes preferably three or four small pieces. Vegetables. You can use all sorts of  vegetables. In my recipe I am using two whole beans cut into small pieces, half of a carrot sliced into small... (Continue reading)

Me V/S Me

When I first stepped onto the plane from India I had no clue what America had to offer me.” The land of opportunities” they call it. Here I was with my husband on a 16 hr long trip to the... (Continue reading)

Childhood memories


Has it ever happened that a small white flower can bring back memories of childhood? Well it surely happened with me today and that led me fondly to my childhood memories. I took my son for cycling on the track... (Continue reading)

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Sara and Tacy’s Summer Reset Challenge – some additional information

As we highlighted in Tacy’s post on stress busters – Tacy and Sara are doing a summer reset challenge…. The RESET Challenge is an easy way to get your body back on track through balanced nutrition.  Imagine doing a cleanse... (Continue reading)

Filling Summer Break with Fun and Learning


(Since the summer is fast approaching, I thought of sharing this simple and yet wonderful list of things you can do with the kids over the summer. This list was sent to us by the Counseling Department of our elementary... (Continue reading)

The Mom Dilemma – To work or not to work?


Growing up I knew that I would go to college.  It wasn’t an option not too.  It had been a part of my plan for as long as I can remember.  Neither one of my parents had the opportunity to... (Continue reading)

Why Stress Makes You Fat


From Tacy: My husband calls me a “fretter” because if there is something to worry about, I will do so at agonizing lengths.  As much as I hate to admit it, he is right!  And what I hate to admit... (Continue reading)

About Bloggermoms


Bloggermoms is a daily website that celebrates multicultural perspectives on motherhood.Launched in 2008, Bloggermoms showcases perspectives, experiences, talents and wisdom of moms from around the world. This online community shares a common commitment of holding heritage near, while exchanging, learning... (Continue reading)

Happy Mothers Day


To all moms who care, volunteer, stress out, worry, enjoy, love, relish and nurture! Happy Mothers Day!... (Continue reading)

Out of the mouth of babes…An Interview With A Preschooler


Few days back, in a casual chat with my son, we had this very interesting conversation. An excerpt from the same Q: So Shaamak are you excited for Earth Day? Ans: Yes, I am. I’m super excited. I just can’t... (Continue reading)

Volunteering At kids’ schools – You get more than you give!


Since leaving my day job last year, I have got heavily involved in volunteering at my kids’ elementary school. And, I must say it has been a very fulfilling experience for me. For one, I feel connected to the community... (Continue reading)

How does one react to the death of someone like Bin Laden?

The whole world is abuzz today with the news of the killing of the number one most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden. Even as President Obama made the official announcement, thousands of people across the nation were out on the... (Continue reading)

Earth Day Activities for Kids – 5 things to do


Earth Day 2011 is April 22nd. Here are some simple ideas and activities for kids on earth day : Reading Green: Go to the library and read a book with your child. I liked Indrani’s idea. Plus the library is a great... (Continue reading)

Earth Day


As a part of celebration of Earth Day, I took my son to the nearby public library and came across this wonderful book, Earth Day by Linda Lowery. It talks about what propelled Senator Nelson to take up the mission... (Continue reading)

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