3 Idiots Moview Review

3 idiotsWith my parents in town, my husband and I went out to see 3 idiots. Since we are both engineers, I thought it would be all the more appropriate. So let me try to write what I think is my first ever movie review.

Overall I would say 3 idiots was a fun movie. Lots of laughs. Lots of college nostalgia, and most importantly, a topic hardly ever covered in Hindi movies before. The Indian education system and its elite – the ones that relentlessly excel in what society has mandated as norms of success. The story tracks three roommates ( the 3 idiots) who join the elite engineering college ICE (based on IITs) in Delhi. It covers the focus on rote learning, the stifling of creativity for the sake of bookish knowledge and ragging.

I think I liked the movie because it brought back so many college memories – the class rooms, the teachers, the campuses, shots of Delhi, the conversations, even the neccessity to include different faiths for the lead characters in the great traditions of Doordarshan and old Hindi movies.

Well written, slapstick humor, good acting, especially by all three lead actors, especially Madhavan and Kareena. I would say though, I did not like Aamir Khan as a 18 year old – he just does not look that young, and I found that a bit distracting.

There is very little violence, which is great, and the jokes are very relatable, though highly exaggerated.

Though I would say that there is an over emphasis on all matters of human excretion with several scenes in toilets or dealing with matters of toilets. But then, its a college movie.

All in all, I would recommend seeing it, not for the story which is a bit unconvincing, but for laughs and a great nostalgia trip.

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  1. Tana

    Oh come on, you know there can never be too much potty. How can you be a mom and still say that? Wait till your older son doesn’t stop saying poop and everything related to poop – I hear it comes around the age of 4-7. Ha!

  2. Khushi

    Still cant get used to potty jokes – hopefully that phase wont come

  3. Oh it’s coming, trust me. All my 8 year old’s jokes have to do with poop and farts. As for the movie, I really liked it. It has a very good message, something that I hold very dear to my heart “the importance of creativity” in our education system. Some things were way exagerated and some were just dumb..such as the delivery scene and the fact that Kareena still’d marry Suhas after the whole eye-opening episode…but overall a great movie!!!

  4. Tana

    I JUST came back from watching 3 Idiots – in New Jersey’s Edison, no less – and I logged in immediately to write. I thought the movie was simply wonderful – just what I need to remind me to still stay on my unusual course, to keep at my strange path of trying to do only what I love, whether I make money or not. So what if there are exaggerations? Dreams always seem exaggerated, unreal. That’s why they are dreams, otherwise everybody would realize them:-)

  5. Indrani

    I really loved the movie. Especially the ‘bhashan’ on Teacher’s Day by Chatur (Omi Vaidya) was simply hilarious

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