3 Organic face masks

Hey bloggermoms..I saw this on msn and thought I would share this with you all !!!! I knew lemon and honey mix is good. I havent tried avacado yet. Happy masking!!!

1. Mix cream cheese and Lemon juice. Apply it on face and rinse it off after 15 min. This mask is good for oily skin.Lemon juice is a natural astringent. Creem cheese will soften your skin.

2. Mix Avacado and honey .Take a ripe Avacado so that its easy to mash.Wash it off after 15 min.This is good to soften the skin

3. This is the easiest one. Simply put the tomato juice on face wash it off .This is good to open up your pores.

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  1. Amrita

    Wow. I am going to try the last one with V8

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