Palatable Pleasures

Chop chop, sauté sauté, stir and mix, shallow and deep-fry, let is steam! It’s so exciting to be in the kitchen and cooking food for people who eat no matter how it tastes and don’t share the bad reviews with anyone. For me, cooking for company is a pleasure but its not the case when I have to cook with company. I am a control freak in the kitchen, it pains me when someone else goes and stirs that pot on the stove. And one of the pleasures of living in United States is you get to do everything, even when it’s a pain in the neck, you still got to move your, you know what! Or your husband can come to the rescue but see it becomes an irksome issue in our house. Darling husband wants to help, so when I am sick he will lovingly ask me to stay in bed while he cooks up a concoction for both of us. But every time he offers help, the freak in me comes alive! I am a normal person when I fancy myself lounging in the bedroom while my sweetheart makes a grand entrance with hot steaming food lined up on the bed tray. It sounds so romantic!! But when I am me, the control freak kitchen owner, all I can think of while someone else being in the kitchen is everything getting messy and things not going back where they belong and a much much big load of dishes as everyone knows people who hardly cook use way too many plates and dishes. So while I wait for my food to arrive, I obsess about all things going wrong downstairs. Sometimes, when I hear a drawer opening, I yell, “Please don’t take those plates out, use the ones from the left”. And right next moment I curse myself for not keeping my mouth shut and failing to resist the temptation of directing when someone is trying to help me!
Now keeping in perspective the kitchen control freak, fast forward to the preschooler. Her age asks her to do everything all by herself and I mean everything. And that makes the two of us. Yesterday, she asked me how long she needs to wait before she can drive to school all by herself. Oh well! Many a times, it’s hard for me to let her do things at her pace. Preschoolers have no rush, everything is an interpretation, one thing leads to the other and they are in no hurry, they will attend to whatever comes their way. Growing up is a very hard thing to do, entangled in the arduous confusion of being a big girl but not so big yet! The control freak in me is loosening out to make the knotty process a bit easy here and there. And here we have, in our new let loose kitchen, a budding new chef who makes her own sandwiches. She also pours her own milk and cereal and does the cleanup before leaving the kitchen.

Who is cooking in your kitchen today?

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  1. Khushi

    I love this post. I am somewhat of a diswasher control freak. I love it when my husband does the dishes and then I sneak a look and try to repack sometimes. Can totally identify.

  2. Doel

    I like the cleaning up part you mentioned! We like making salads together and muffins.

  3. Anonymous

    I like it that she is independant with her sandwiches. Keep teaching her and you will have a helper. Your post made me laugh – about people who cook less use more.

  4. sands

    Khushi:Oh yeah, dishwasher is whole another thing!And my problem is I need help but do not love the time I have to spend passively outside while someone else works in my kitchen.
    Doel:Making salads and muffins together must be lots of fun!
    Anonymous: Isn’t it? Coz they aren’t skilled at economically working in the kitchen!

  5. Marjorie

    Hey Sands, nice topic. I am glad you are letting her experiment. I hope you have a great weekend. We ate out today so nothing in my kitchen. But I have plans to cook Indian this weekend. I will let you know.

  6. sands

    Hope it turns out good. What dish are you cooking?

  7. Pry

    My 3 year old girl wants to do everything on her own now..But my 7 year old son is kinda getting lazy..he wants mommy to fix his breakfast…He was totaly independant when he was small

  8. sands

    that proves he is a grown up now!!

  9. Marjorie

    I made Saag Paneer with store bought naans. It turned out good.

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