$4 gas????

Yes Guys!!.Its coming..Soon we all would need to pay $4 to fill up our rides…. Can you beileve it? For a full tank for me I have to spend $64….Some years back that would have been all to go for a month…I have already started carpooling with my hus. Since my office is on his way I am lucky that he can drop me off and go..Only bad side is I have to sit with him..HAHA..just kidding…..

I wish all companies would allow telecommute 2 days/week for some time untill the price comes down…If there is a petition somewhere I will sign it…Why cant Oil companies CEO bring down the prices. Why isnt somebody making fuel using corn oil, sugar cane oil ….Maybe the OIL CEOS isnt letting them…POLITICS!!!!!

What are you guys planning to do????Hybrid is an option..But guys ,I need to have money to get a hybrid car!!!!!!! 

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  1. Priya

    I have started carpooling too!!!

  2. Smitha

    I wish I could carpool too!!!.I will sign the petition too if there is one…

  3. winfried

    I carpool with the wife two days a week! I like it because its like a date, we have b-fast together in waffle house or Martins, we make the best of it. I really recommend it.

  4. winfried

    Thank you Bush, Thank you Bush, Thank you Bush for $4.00 gas. :0(

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