5 de Mayo… More Salsa con Regeaton…

This is a new song from a new grup called NG2. I love this song.. so Happy 5 de Mayo!!

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Dora

    Thanks, Winfried. That was really cool. I want to have burritos too in honor of the day…..I think that will work for dinner 🙂

  2. Khushi Mommy

    Nice song, and good idea to do it today.

  3. winfried

    Thank You guys Im glad u like the song! Gosh I love Salsa, Merengue and Reggeaton!!


  4. Khushi Mommy

    What is Merengue? I guess Reggeation is reggae, which I like too. Merengue sounds like a dessert….actually thats Meringue :)Let me check wikipedia

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