Becoming Big Brother – Sibling Class

I had scheduled a sibling class for the babe this week. It was at the Northside hospital, called the ‘baby factory of Atlanta. It was a class for three to six year old kids. The babe was very reluctant to go – did not know why he needed to attend a ‘baby’ class, and felt he knew enough about babies.

But this all changed when we walked in and he met with his teacher, a very friendly, calm lady who seemed to listen to the kids with a lot of attention. We were led into a conference room on the first floor stocked with a conference table with chairs around it for the kids (there were about seven) and chairs against the wall for the parents. Most kids had come with their mom and dad, which I loved to see.

The class started with some rules about handling babies – basic stuff like washing hands. Then each child got their own ‘baby’ or ‘baby doll’. The teacher then went around teaching them how to hold the baby, kiss them, what not to do, even how to diaper them and swaddle them, both of which the babe loved to do. The other kids seemed to be having fun as well.

Then there was a story time about a boy who has a new brother in the home and some coloring and handprints to do which were nice.

It all ended with a hospital tour – which brought back memories of the last delivery. We checked out a post partum room and the nursery (from outside of course) where some nurses were changing and taking care of the babies. I had forgotten how small newborns are. So small and precious!

We even got a coupon for the in hospital McD but their ice cream machine was out of order, so we had to save it for later.

And now the babe wants more baby classes!

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the information. I always wondered what they were like.

  2. sands

    That sounds very nice, a great warming up for the big brother.

  3. Khushi

    Thank you Sands and Anonymous.

  4. Pry

    I didnt know they have sibling classes..I would have loved to take my son there to prepare for his baby sister..

  5. Indrani

    I love the idea of a sibling class. I am of the opinion, when the second baby arrives, the first child is the one who needs to make the maximum adjustment. I am glad the babe loved it.

  6. Khushi

    Thanks, Indrani. I think it will be a big adjustment too. Already the pregnany itself, and the sharing of mommy’s attention is something he is noticing.

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