A complete egg head

Ok, bloggermoms, you all probably know all about this. I have been putting one egg on my head (hair) – just crack it and mix the yolk and the whites and apply with a brush – for the last few weeks. I keep it on for an hour, and then shampoo it off. I have had quite good rezults. Only, you have to wear a shower cap and bear the stink and hide from the kids ( I do it when the husband takes the kids to the park over the weekend).

After shampooing the hair is so soft and shiny.

I am paranoid about getting salmonella or other poisoning and so am very careful. I use pastuerized eggs available in grocery stores. Thats the only thing I dont like about this – raw eggs 🙂 But there is no denying the rezults.

Please let me know if you try it. Or if you have tried it, please let me know.

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    I will try it. I have more people to watch the kids

  2. Anonymous

    It is very messy, like you are saying. But I have had very good results from just one try

  3. zeenia

    I tried it once , mixed with yogurt.Have to say the result was very good. The yogurt helped to cover the eggy smell 🙂

  4. Deepa

    I dont know if you can manage this without using oil – it just slips off. I mix with oil.

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