A healthy halloween?

candyIs that an oxymoron? A HEALTHY HALLOWEEN? Well, over the years we have seen some creative things friends and neighbors have done. Do add your ideas so that we can all maybe take some steps to a healthy halloween! So heres for some healthy halloween tricks…

Healthy Halloween Treats: Here are some I have candy alternatives we have seen:Halloween Pencils, Goody bag fillers from Party City (such as erasers, etc), Balloons, hot chocolate pouches, dollar store goodies

Healthy Halloween House Rules: umm, not any about ‘moms cant eat kids candies’ please ūüôā

  • Kids should pick up only one candy or treat per household
  • Eat only¬†1 -5 candies a day for 3 days after halloween
  • Take the excess candy to office, or donate it so that you or kids dont eat it all
  • Send the kids out on a full tummy so that they dont start snacking much on the goodies
  • Insist on tooth brushing or mouth rinsing after candies
  • Have kids share candies with siblings, guests etc
  • Keep the candy stash for other special occasions in the year in a special demarcated area

Healthy Halloween 2010 special: How germy are the candy bowls going to get! Swine flu and halloween, wouldnt that be some trick.

  • Send kids out with mittens in their costumes¬†to avoid them touching candy bowls that may inadvertently have germs along with the treats
  • Apply sanitizer frequently¬†while¬†doing your rounds
  • Dont allow kids to eat on the rounds, only at home after washing hands
  • Discard all leftover candy from your own candy bowl after the hordes have rummaged
  • Of course, dont send out sick kids !

What are your ideas? Do add so that we can all have a safe and healthy halloween

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  1. Anonymous

    I like that. Also trick or treat in groups only with kids you know.

  2. Amrita

    I did not think of it, but I will send then out with sanitizer

  3. Khushi

    A friend suggested giving out glow sticks instead of candy. I liked that

  4. sarmila

    me too liked the idea of giving glow sticks to the kids.

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