A little about me and you..

Some profound questions and their answers. Let me know yours….

Favorite pizza topping : Jalapenos

Favorite Movie : Pretty Woman

Favorite Foreign Movie : Amelie

Beach or Mountains: Beach

Fav comfort food : Lasagna

Chill out time : Curl up in front of the TV with a big cup of Java

Please add your own questions if need be 🙂

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    Favorite Pizza Topping : Ham and pineapple
    Movie: Bourne Ultimatum
    Foreign Movie: dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge
    Beach or Mt: Beach
    Comfort food : Chole Bhaturey
    Chill out time : Naps!

  2. winfried

    Favorite Pizza Topping: Mushrooms

    Movie: 28 days later and 28 weeks later.

    Foreign Movie: Das Boat

    Beach or Mt: Beach (Florida)

    Comfort food : Spaguetti

    Chill out time : Watch tv or movies

  3. Priya

    Favorite Pizza Topping :Sausage
    Movie: Sixth Sense
    Foreign Movie: DDLJ( same as Khushi)
    Beach or Mt: Beach
    Comfort food : Biriyani
    Chill out time : Naps!( again same as Khushi)

  4. Dora

    Looks like we are a beach gang!!

  5. zeenia

    Favorite Pizza Topping: Spinach and goat cheese

    Movie: 300

    Foreign Movie: khoya2 chand

    Beach or Mt: Beach

    Comfort food : warm bread with butter.

    Chill out time : curled up on a sofa in a dimly lit room with a glass of red wine watching rain and Thunderstorm with jazz music in the background.

  6. Marjorie Khanna

    Favorite Pizza Topping : Cheese
    Movie: All Harry Potter 🙂
    Foreign: Life is Beautiful
    Comfort Food: Mac n cheese
    Chill out time : Lingering over coffee alone at a cafe, reading books

  7. monika

    Favorite Pizza Topping: Alopino
    Movie: Erin Brockovich
    Foreign Movie: Swedesh
    Beach or Mt: Beach
    Comfort food : chicken Biryani
    Chill out time : Reading novels (with a glass of mild Margarita) on the beach .. 🙂

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