A little bit of Spa

stress reliefFor overall stress relief, I have touches of spa in my bathroom and linen closet. Even when I cant actually go to one, I can look at these little touches and feel better. Its very simple, here is what I have done:

  • Rolled up towels spa style in my closet. Its easier than folding and looks like a hotel
  • Kept a few candles (which I hardly ever light)
  • Keep a decorative bowl like the one here with some stones and maybe a fresh flower on two on good days

Its better if you can have a nook all done up this way, but colorful kid items invade my whole home, so I enjoy where I can.


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  1. Lovely idea…will have to work on mine:)

  2. Tana

    These little touches do go a long way in relaxing us!

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