A professional rollercoaster

The babe had always been non commital about his profession of choice. It probably came from having parents sit and type at computers when we are ‘working’ – For long he believed he also ‘works’ at the computer when I showed him youtube videos or stuff like that, and fortunately, did not choose that work as his lifelong goal.

This of course did not stop his mom and grandparents to assign professions based on innocent childhood behaviors or favorites. He likes trucks and tools – an engineer!! He has a sweet voice – a singer!! But of course, thats our prerogative.

When asked at various points of his three years what he wanted to be, his responses were uncharacteristically vague. It was like he had not found his calling.

All this changed at a preschool visit part of the admissions process when the admissions director asked him  ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

He was silent. And I was formulating a admission approved response like ‘he hasnt decided yet on that’ but suddenly the babe said ‘I want to be a heart doctor’.

The director asked why and he said ‘Because my dadu is not well, I will take care of his heart. Then he wont need any doctor. I can help him’. My dad had recently had a heart attack – and hearing that response made me feel so proud of my son.

Needless to say the whole family was delighted. The babe silently listened to the various praises but as children are wont to do, came the next day and told me: ‘My brother can be the heart doctor, I want to be a heart doctor for animals.’

Of course, I want to strongly believe in the principle that I will support my kids in whatever endeavour they choose, but I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed.

And so it continued for days, untill the chick fil a kids meal wrapper listed out a ‘Helicopter Pilot’ as an occupation. And so it was a helicopter pilot for days.

And now its whale scientist! So we pretend to be whales and scientists and divers all day.

The babe takes after mommy, still figuring out what she wants to be 🙂

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  1. Yasmin

    Hey Khushi, Dont be disheartened…one of my boys wants to be a bus driver, and the other a trash-truck driver 😉

  2. Anonymous

    Haha, my daughter wanted to sell icecreams!

  3. Indrani

    Hi Khushi
    Nice post! I loved the babe’s reason to be a heart doctor. Speakes volumes of his love and affection for his Dadu. A big hug to him. However, I found his other career choices equally interesting.

  4. sarmila

    liked the post.

  5. Anonymous

    enjoyed it very much.the last line makes it more interesting

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