A quick poll

Ok, so which are your top TV shows? I dont meat Handy Manny and Sesame Street! Top three current and from the past. Mine are:

  1. Law and Order and Law and Order SVU – Reruns galore so I can catch them at any time in the day when kids are napping or out!
  2. 30 minute meals – so gratifying and some recipes are very good!
  3. Greys Anatomy

From the past

  1. 90210
  2. The Practice
  3. Friends

Just a quick poll for fun.

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  1. Khushi

    My all time favorites:
    LA Law
    Ally McBeal (Ok, just the early seasions)
    Wonder years

    And a couple of Indian ones – Buniyaad and Mahabharata

  2. Ano

    The X Files, I am sorry to say

  3. Yasmin

    Oh yes, Wonder Years was one of my favorites too!!
    The recent ones -Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy… (i.e. if the kids let us watch anything other than the Noggin shows!!)

  4. Anonymous

    1.Sex and the City
    2.International house hunters
    3.Dr 90210 ( pretty mindless)

  5. Dora

    Hey, that was fun thanks. yes, I liked LA law too ….and Wonder Years, I wish they would do something like that about the 90s or 80s! I must say I need to watch the International House hunters, seems interesting

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