Acrylic or gel nails?

I have the bad habit of nail biting and I have very short nails. Here at my work everybody has pretty nails..I have never been to a nail salon..In India, where I am from we dont have them..So last week, I decided to check it out…I go there..

The lady comes and ask what do you need?

Me : Artificial Nails.

Lady: Acrylic or Gel?

Me: Artificial.

Lady (again):Acrylic or gel?

Me: which is cheaper?

Lady: Acrylic.

Me: I will go with that..

I  sat down and the lady started putting long nails on my short one..She does polishing,sanding and lot of other stuff..and asks me which shape I need and to pick a color.I go with rounded one and pick a very nice red color.She puts it on and  vola!!!!!

I have beautiful  nails like everybody else….

I have to do some research on which is better…Acrylic , gel..There is another one too..Diamond nails…Does anybody know which is better  and why?

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  1. Dora

    Hi. I find that acrylic generally becomes very dull. So I like gel as they are more shiny. Your preference, I guess. Some people say with kids, acrylic is better as its stronger

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