Alpha Moms and Beta Moms

No more harried by work and home, alpha moms are the new-age moms that use their work-related skills in managing their home and work both in an efficient manner…alpha moms work part-time/flex-time and sometimes quit altogether to cater to their home needs and then either join back work when the time is right (also termed on and off ramping) or start their own business. Alpha moms are well informed and business savvy moms who often quit traditional work to start something snazzy, different and often related to their identity as moms.

This phenomenon was coined recently by a working mom herself (the first alpha mom, I guess!) and picked up by marketeers who are increasingly paying attention to women as it is the women that make one-third of purchase decisions in a household (that’s more than a $1 trillion in a year).

Are you an Alpha mom? Take a quick quiz :

1. Have you experiemented (or thinking of) with part-time/flex-time work or time off from work to spend time with family?

2. Are you thinking of starting your own business/work while staying at home with your child?

3. Do you use organizing tools/skills from your work back at home (e.g. blackberries, emails, chat rooms, blogs)?

4. Would you call yourself tech savvy and business savvy?

5. Are you aware of latest trends in business as well as in parenting?

6. Are you aware of latest consumer brands/ products?

If you answered yes to more than 3 questions, you are most probably an alpha mom!

On the other hand, alpha moms are potrayed as these intelligent, balanced moms who are always able to make a great transition into a sleek / jazzy business when they quit their routine and boring jobs. Is that realistic?

And then, according to the marketeers, there are these beta moms – moms that are not as business and brand savvy as the alpha moms and these moms basically follow in the footsteps of the alpha moms…they imitate the trendy alpha moms in the hope of coming up with that cool persona that everyone would envy…. 

What do you think? Are there really alpha and beta moms? 

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  1. Jane Stevens

    This is a good article. I had heard the name but did not know the definition. I think I am an alpha mom after all.

  2. Amrita

    This can be a quiz we have on this site!

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