Alzheimer’s Disease And It’s Diet

Hi, this is Sarmila here, by profession I am a Dietition,  today I want to share a very common disease with all of you.

Alzheimer’s , a very common disease in today’s fast world damages areas of the brain involved in memory, intelligence, judgement,, language as well as behavior. It is the most common form of mental decline in older adults. It affects not only memory, but  behavior, personality ,ability to think and function in everyday’s life .

     For this disease many researchers studied a lot about diet and came to a conclusion  that a Mediterranian Diet is helping the people with Alzheimer’s disease live longer than patients who take normal regular diet.The Mediterranian Diet includes a high intake of vegetables, legumes, fruits, cereals, fish, monosaturated fatty acids, a low intake of saturated fatty acids, dairy products, meat and poultry. Research has also shown  that consuming a diet rich in cetain vitamins like vitamin c and vitamin E which are called Antioxidants may help decrease the risk of this dreadful disease, these vitamins have proved to be the most influential .

                Foods high in Vitamin C includes Sunflower oil, Olive oil, Vegetable oil, Spinach, Sunflower seeds,  Wheat germs, Whole Grains

              Foods high in Vitamin E includes  Broccoli, Cantaloupe, Kiwi fruit,Orange, Strawberry,  Lemons, Onions, Mango

         Taking Omega – 3 Fatty Acid supplement seemed to slow this disease progression in people with very early Alzheimer’s disease.

         Certainly there may be genetic predispositions that we haven’t discovered yet, but there is  a plenty of room for environmental infuences like DIET  to play a role..

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  1. Anonymous

    Have you heard anything about green tea and alzhemers? Thank you for posting this. I am upping my omega 3

  2. sarmila.basu

    Yes, if you want some info regarding green tea, let me know.. i can give you some health tips regarding that

  3. Khushi

    My thakuma had some form of Alzheimers. So now I want my dad to be more careful, so this post is very useful. Thanks.

  4. malini

    thanks for the post and the helpful diet advice

  5. Anonymous

    u r very welcome

  6. Anonymous

    what aboutmore haldi(turmeric) in one’sdiet> I heard a lot about its connection with prevention of Alzheimer’s

  7. sarmila.basu

    Yes, turmeric or haldi is good for health, it is beneficial in gall bladder, infections, lack of appetite, alzheimer’s too.. it can be used in the problem of hearts, mentral irregularity, lack of menstruation etc..

  8. ranu

    good to know so many good effects of Haldi. I take one inch cut of fresh raw haldi along with the same quantity of Ginger everyday before my fruits in the morning. Apparently it also helps to curb blood sugar.

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