Amarchithra kathas- My favorite old books

Hey bloggermoms!!! Have you guys read Amarchithra kathas when you guys were small? These books are illustrated Indian classics. I used to love Ramayana ,Mahabharatha, tennali Raman..etc….

Last weekend when I went to an Indian friends house , I saw a magazine and I found out that I can buy them online but its little expensive….I am planning to get some books for my first grader maybe from online or ask some of my friends who are going to India to bring some back.
It would be interesting for him to read comics and get to know the Indian mythology.

I used to love reading when I was small. My dad used to subscribe to lot of books like Twinkle, Poompata,balarama(mallu comics) . The paper boy used to put them on all Sundays. I used to wait for him ( NO ..he wasn’t cute)….My sister was also an avid reader. We would get into fight to who would want to read first….

Now I dont get time to read anything ..Life is so busy..One of my New year resloution was to read books this year..lets see its March..Wow is it already???? Havent read a single book yet.. Will start reading soon ……

Do you guys have a favorite old time book when you guys were small?

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  1. Priya

    I used to love them too…I think I stil have them in India..I dont know it may be all ruined …

  2. Rajini

    oh..I miss those books..

  3. Shalini

    I used to love Twinkle.!!!

  4. Tana

    I still think about my Amar Chitra Kathas – and would like to start a collection again soon! I think that they are now only available as collector’s items…?

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