Amazing Link Ups: The World through the Toddler’s eyes II

Mom and I love to read about animals, their shelters and their young ones. But isn’t it boring to say what everyone else also says. So I have my developed my very own version of animals, their shelter and their young ones by adding bit of fun to the existing words.  

It goes as:

A goat baby is a kid. I am also a kid.

A sheep baby is ‘Mary had a little lamb’

A hen is ‘cock a doodle doodle doo.’ A hen baby is KFC chicken.

A duck baby is ‘Ugly Duckling.’

A deer baby is a fawn. But I love to call it Bambi.

A koala and a kangaroo baby is Joey. And Joey, Mom says is very funny.

A sheep lives in a pen. I too have a play pen.

A cow lives in a shed. I keep my bicycle in a shed.

A pig lives in a sty. Whenever, mom is tired of organising dad’s office and my play room she says “it seems it’s not a home but a pig sty.’

A rat lives in a hole but it may also live in a drain pipe. Once, I had seen a rat come out of the drain of our home.

Unsolved questions:

Why a lion’s shelter is called a den while a tiger’s a cave? Why most of the animals have a unique name for their little ones but the babies of lion, tiger, bear, polar bear, panda, and cheetah are all called cubs. I guess their moms are too lazy to name their babies.

Thank God, Mom and Dad have named me!

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  1. Khushi

    So funny. And fascinating. I like the hen baby is a KFC chicken. And also the one on the pigsty. The last line is cool.

  2. ketakimd

    So Creative 🙂

  3. Tana

    A child’s mind has endless possibilities … thank you for sharing, Indrani!

  4. indrani

    Thanks Khushi, Ketakimd & Tana for all your comments

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