Any good movies to watch ?

Hey bloggermoms..My parents are here now..So my hubby and I can go and watch movies in theater this weekend..We havent gone to theaters for a long time If anybody has watched any good ones please let me know. I have heard Atonement is good but I dont think he will be interested in watching it.I know most of you guys will be watching dvs at home …We are thinking about a nice dinner at a restaurant and a movie…

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  1. Dora

    Hey Pry, atonement is good but very very sad, so I dont think it will create the right mood. How about Charlie Wilsons war, I have heard that is very good.

  2. Khushi Mommy

    Priya, my husband watched Charlie Wilsons war alone and liked it. You may give it a try.

  3. Amrita

    Priya, how about Jodha akbar? My husband would never do it but maybe you can persuade yours….

  4. winfried

    Priya, Go and watch Rambo, then you can see a 60 year old still fighting the vietnamese… hahaha

    I have to say Stallone for his age, is still in very, very good shape Wow!!!

  5. Priya

    Thanks you guys for all the recommendations.. I liked Winfried’s suggestion the best..I dont know why my hus didnt fell for it though 🙂
    Anyway we didnt go out ..we had a saturday party at a friends house. We watched a good comedy mallu DVD movie RAJAMANIKYAM .That was fun… Maybe next weekend, we will try again to go.

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