April Fools Day Ideas

So big day tomorrow – have you something planned? I love April Fools day mainly because hubby and family almost always forget and fall into my pranks! Here are some from over the years – do let me know if you have any good ones for tomorrow.

  • When your husband is getting ready for office and is still inĀ  the morning fog, rush in breathless and shout – ‘My purse, my purse – its gone!’ pretending that you had left it in the garage in the car and now is no longer there.
  • Serve your kids dinner for breakfast and see their surprise. Of course, it should be something they will stomach before school
  • Reset few clocks in the house for an hour earlier than spouses usual alarm time and see how it goes. This one works best if it works till he or she reaches the car and hears the time on the radio or better still in the office
  • Lay out pajamas for kids to wear to school and insist they are outside clothes

I will write more if I think of any. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hahahah Dora I luv all your ideas!! Need to do something this year.


  2. Rohini

    Try adding salt in your hubby’s morning tea or your kid’s orange juice and milk

  3. Administrator

    Last time when my hus was sleeping .I woke him up and said his friend came and is waiting for him in the front door..

  4. Khushi Mommy

    These are good. I think I will try one of these.

  5. winfried

    I’ll tell my wife that Bush Quit! Wouldn’t that b wonderful?

  6. Khushi Mommy

    That is hilarious Winfried!

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