Are you pregnant?

No, I am not writing this in sequel to ‘Think you are pregnant?’

I am talking about the questions that I am being asked by well meaning neighbours, aunties and my son’s friends’ mothers.

Let me give you a back ground. My son turns 3 years in early October and somehow it is considered to be the right age to have a sibling. Could be right, could be wrong…. but we’ll talk about it another time. And because of work and family commitments, I haven’t had the time to go for a workout to the gym or do my abs exercises on a regular basis for the last two months. On top of that, the heat and humidity in Delhi for the last two months has made it almost uncomfortable for my son and me to visit the park. So we started going for a swim instead, but couldn’t continue for long because of the swine flu scare. Thus the extra pounds around the waist and a little bulging belly.

Some of the questions/comments posed at me apart from the one on caption:

Great planning. Right age for your son to have a sibling. So is that the reason why we haven’t seen you at the park off late? How does it feel?

At times I get bit depressed but then what the hell? I have started working out again and sooner or later all their misconceptions will vanish. Or so I hope!

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  1. Khushi

    I went through the same phase. Dont let it bother you, though it can be irritating. With me this went on for months. You know what though – for a while, people asked me I was pregnant, and I was, and I denied it for the longest time as I had not bothered to take the test. Then I had to go back to tell them that I was pregnant – and get a second round of all knowing smiles.

  2. Indrani

    That was quite funny:-)

  3. Anonymous

    Girl, here’s what you should do – with people who dont really know you, just play along. Pregnant women get better service. Just give a mysterious smile and then ask for favors

  4. Tana

    Or, say: No, I’m not. Are you?

  5. Indrani

    Anonymous: thanks for the witty idea. Will try it if the question is asked again.
    Tana: I said that to a woman at the park and she has never talked to me ever since 😉

  6. I can imagine how embarrassing this must be for you, but I like Anonymous’s and Tana’s suggestions. I just wish i had the knack of knowing what to say when you need to say it!

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