Are you smarter than a first grader???

My first grade son has been asking me lot of questions lately.Some of them , I have to google the answers.

See if you can give answers to the following questions in seconds..If you cannot, it would be good if you revise some science/history books…

 1. Why does Sun rise in East?

2. What is a leap year?

3. How many weeks are in a year?

4. What was the first coin to be made?

5.What is solar eclipse and lunar eclipse?

6.Why do we have continents? How many are there?

7. Who started the English letters?

There are a lot more…I can only think of these right now 

If you were able to answer them in seconds….You are SMART!!!!

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  1. winfried

    1.- Is it the rotation of the earth?

    2.- February 29 (like today)

    3.- 52 weeks

    4.- the IRS? hehehe

    5.- Solar eclipse is made by da sun and lunar by da moon, something like that. hehe

    6.- there used to big one continent, then it broke up lemme c: Americas, australia, africa, europe, asia any more?

    7.- Isnt the English letters the same as Spanish, the same as Italian etc? Dunno The Romans?
    I know the Arabs gave us the numbers we use right now.

  2. Khushi Mommy

    Hey great post. Sometimes I am flabbergasted at the questions of my three year old!

  3. Priya

    Winfried– You are good…:-)

  4. Rajini

    looks like I need to freshen up my memory…My son is going to first grade next year

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