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If you are new to the site, here are some of the pregnancy posts to look at. Dont forget to leave your comments/ questions/ thoughts. Many of these cover pregnancy and childbirth in the US with an Indian lens. But others cover

Preparing for Pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy

Finding your OB Gyn in the US

First Visit to OB Gyn

Think you are pregnant?

Being Pregnant

The second time – Whats different

Testing for Gestational Diabetes

Health During Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

Gestational Diabetes and Nutrition

Treating a scratchy throat when pregnant

No papayas or pineapples when pregnant?

5 things I wish people had told me about bedrest

Things to do when you are pregnant

Useful and Fun Websites for Pregnancy

Top things to ask your parents to bring from India when pregnant

Unexpected childbirth decisions you may have to make

Getting your child ready for the new arrival

Becoming big brother

Sibling Classes


Natural childbirth and hypnobirthing

My childbirth experience in India

The Epidurean and her Magic Button

 Baby Names

Top Indian baby names in the US

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