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Lunch and Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

So its back to school time and we need to get back to packing lunches and rushed breakfasts. Here are some ideas for breakfasts for kids before school. You will find great ideas for breakfast some of which double up... (Continue reading)

Career Transplants – Getting an engineering job in the US

This is the third in our series of articles on ‘Career Transplants’. If you have an engineering degree from India, you are in for luck. Most college degrees in engineering from India are well recognized and respected in the US.... (Continue reading)

Becoming a Teacher in the US when moving from India or a foreign country

This is part of our series on career transplants. Non expert, research based resources for those making a transition in terms of career to the US. Like dieticians and nutritionists, the demand for teachers in the US is likely to... (Continue reading)

Becoming a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist in the US when you have a degree from India or a foreign country

If you have studied to become a registered dietician or nutritionist in India, and want to become a registered dietician or nutritionist professional in the USA, opportunities abound, especially with the increase in awareness around physical fitness across all ages... (Continue reading)

Career Transplants

When you move from a foreign country to the US, most often than not, you need to update your qualifications and skills to start working here. In this series, we tried to put together a list of resources than people... (Continue reading)

Announcing our Kids and Healthy Breakfast Event!


 Join our ‘Kids and Health Breakfast Event’ all March! See here for details!   I can’t tell you how many times my mother repeated that to me when I was growing up. Don’t you think my mom was right? Isn’t it funny... (Continue reading)

Something to talk about this month – Love and friendship

Hello everyone! Malini had a great idea – maybe we can come up with a topic for each month and we can write, discuss our thoughts and experiences around it as one of the topics we talk about. This wont of course,... (Continue reading)

Welcome, Sarmila!

Hello everyone. Its our pleasure to introduce Sarmila. Sarmila is a a mom of two boys – ages 13 and 6 and lives in Chicago. Her hometown is Kolkata, India, but she has been in Chicago for 16 years. She is also... (Continue reading)

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2009!... (Continue reading)

It can start like an ordinary cold

It can start like an ordinary cold – stuffy nose, cough and sneezing. Then the body aches start, your fever starts rising, and you feel exhausted. You’ve probably got the flu. However, the thought lingers in your mind: Are these... (Continue reading)

Quick Tip for Site Users

Hey everyone, just wanted to post a quick tip that makes logging in and making a post a more user friendly experience, if you havent done this already. Some of you may not have the drop down menu appearing in... (Continue reading)

Posts you may have missed

We were looking through the site and found a wealth of cool posts you may have missed. Since we have more readers now, we thought we would highlight about five every now and then. Amrita had written long ago on the Cinderella Transformation... (Continue reading)

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Friendship Day Ideas

Hey Bloggermoms, if you are logging in late for friendship day, why not make it frienship week? Here are some ideas to celebrate friends Email old friends and new, maybe with a card Leave a message on your social network... (Continue reading)

New Feature on Bloggermoms – Art Exhibitions

Many of us know people who are super talented, but whose art remains in their homes, known only to a few near and dear ones. Usually because bringing that art to a wider audience is painful and more time consuing.... (Continue reading)

Welcome to Bloggermoms!

Thank you for visiting our site and this post. We are a new site, and would love your suggestions on how we could improve your experience. We are a small team, and you can be sure that we will read... (Continue reading)

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