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Daily tip- wash gum from hair

Ok..This has happened with my 4 yr old girl a couple of times..She loves to have gum ..but at the end it get stucks mysteriosuly in her hair..The first time I had to cut an inch of hair off…A friend... (Continue reading)

Good resources for parents and schools for Earth Day

The Earth Day Network website ( has some great resources for parents and schools as you look at celebrating Earth Day. The parents section has many ideas on celebrating Earth Day with your kids. Here is the link: Here... (Continue reading)

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Vishu Celebrations in US


Vishu is a mallu festival.Its usually celebrated on April 14th. Its is the New year for Kerala. The most important custom of the day is ‘Vishu kani’. On vishu, the first thing you should see should be the sight of... (Continue reading)

Daily tip- how to get the dark eyeliner off

Here is an cheap and inexpensive way to take the eyeliner even the waterproof ones off..My mom used to do this to me when I was a small kid. and I still do the same instead of buying the expensive eyemakeup... (Continue reading)

Tip of the day

To get rid of tired,puffy eyes in the morning, put a chilled spoon on your eyes..You can put the spoon in the fridge for like 5 min..Your eyes are going to look fresh:-)... (Continue reading)

Tip of the day

Here is an easy way to cook boiled eggs. Put some salt on  water when boling, and it will be done in  minutes.:-)... (Continue reading)

Parent Over Shoulder – and other tips for keeping kids safe on the web

Did you hear the recent news aboutr Myspace and Facebook finding thousands of registered sex offenders from North Carolina alone active on their sites? Here are some tips we learnt from my kids elementary school. 1. Keep the computer in... (Continue reading)

Take a look at this Guiness world record woman-Piercing


OMG….Do people have to go this extreme situation to get into world records.This lady holds the record for the most pierced woman..She has over 1500 piercing internally…Now I dont know what internally means, if its under the clothes or INTERNALLY….... (Continue reading)

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Circuit City and Linen n things store closing

Hey Guys!!! may have heard circuit city is closing all its stores. I came to know last week that Linen n things is closing its stores too… The one near my office has most items about 50 -75% off.. I went... (Continue reading)

Puri and Potato curry recipe

This weekend I made puri and potato curry – one of our family’s favorite dish. This is really easy to make. To make Puri 1.Take Chappathi flour and wet it .Add some salt and ghee . 2.Knead it properly. 3.Make... (Continue reading)

Crazy saturday!!!

So this saturday I have called some friends over. It has been ages since I have done a party at my house..  Here is the list of things I have to do on saturday.. 1.Clean/mop the whole house..I am going to ... (Continue reading)

Happy Onam!!!


Happy Onam to all!!   Onam  is the most important festival of Kerala( my homestate).It lasts for 10 days. The last day Thiruvonam is the special day.its the harvest festival. According to the legend, its is celebrated to welcome King... (Continue reading)

Jazzercise -going to do it

Finally I have decided something to do for my ever increasing weight.. I was always on the moderate side but after hitting the big 3 ZERO  things are little different.. I started gaining some the beginning of this year..I blamed... (Continue reading)

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Take home folder–Should I have done it?

My second grader gets homework everyday. Its only 1 page and simple worksheet.He gets these worksheets in a take home folder which has 2 flaps. One flap has the homework/or other forms which needs to be turned in the next day.... (Continue reading)

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Prep for first day of school

School is going to open next week ..I know!! This  vaccation went fast..My son is going to second grade this year..I still find it hard to believe that he is going to 2nd grade. I wrote this checklist just to make... (Continue reading)

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Pineapple/Mango pulisseri

Hey Bloggermoms!!!..After a short break I am back..Its been so busy here at work. I have been trying to manage work, family, cooking,extracurricular activites..the whole mile… Yesterday after a week of not making food at home ,I decided to make... (Continue reading)

I am running for President 08!!!!!!!!

Watch this bloggermoms!!!.. Vote for me  please.. (Continue reading)

My sweet Druggie and Nondruggie kids!!!

I love my son’s adventurous mind. He is not scared of anything. I love his cute smile,his silly acts….. When he was born he was the cutest thing I saw.His toothless smile filled up the whole whole life..He was... (Continue reading)

Baby laughing..CUTE!!!

Hey guys..You have to see this..its cute... (Continue reading)

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Silly Questions and Answers

My son loves going to summer camp.Every Tuesay and Thursday they have field trips. He loves them. Last week he saw Kung Fu panda..The other day it was water park, miniature golf,chuckee cheese… ALL in all he is having a... (Continue reading)

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