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Maternity shopping-Jealous?

When I had my son 7 years back(wow!!! time does go fast) I had lot of trouble finding cute maternity dresses/shirts/pants.. There was only a small section in most of the stores or some stores had none. I used to get  couple... (Continue reading)

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Summer movies

Has anybody been to movie theaters recently?  Are there any good movies to watch? I am thinking about taking my kids to a nice movie soon.. Heard Indiana Jones is good but needs to check if its ok for kids... (Continue reading)

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How wasur memorial day??

Hey Bloggermoms..How was the long weekend? I was getting over my sorethroat and cold and was glad that I got 3 days away from work..What did you guys do? Hope everybody had an awesome days off. Now guys you have... (Continue reading)

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Mother’s day gifts

Hey Bloggermoms…Mother day is coming soon -May 11th.. Here are some choices for gifts that you would like to give /get. Flowers – from 1-800-flowers Perfumes handbags Diamond jewlery–( I would like to get one ..Hubby-Please take note if you... (Continue reading)

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Summer camps for kids above 5

Hey Bloggermoms!!! Summer is gonna come soon…And school will be closing in 1 month. I am goin to send my son to a summer camp where my girl goes for pre-k. It will be easy for me to pick and... (Continue reading)

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CRCT time !!!

My first grader is going to have CRCT exams soon..Its right after the spring break. I havent started making him practice any worksheets. Recently, I ordered some practice sheets from triump learning. The books with the shipping charge came to... (Continue reading)

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Are you smarter than a first grader???

My first grade son has been asking me lot of questions lately.Some of them , I have to google the answers. See if you can give answers to the following questions in seconds..If you cannot, it would be good if you... (Continue reading)

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Any good movies to watch ?

Hey bloggermoms..My parents are here now..So my hubby and I can go and watch movies in theater this weekend..We havent gone to theaters for a long time If anybody has watched any good ones please let me know. I have heard... (Continue reading)

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Indian style sweet corn chicken soup

My son loves Indian food..He loves curries,biriyani,dosa,sambar almost everything. He loves to go to an Indian Chinese restuarant near our house. me too. 🙂 They have this awesome sweet corn soup which everybody in our family loves. Last weekend ,... (Continue reading)

Its snowing in Atlanta!!!!

Hey all..Its snowing here…I think the last time it snowed here was like 5 years back.My kids are so happy.They are  playing with our neighbors and having a fun time throwing snowballs. They just made a cute snowman which I think... (Continue reading)

Health department violations in Palace restaurant

One of my friends send me this info.After seeing these pictures, you may never want to go to Palace restaurant in Norcross again.They got a surprise inspection score of 62 points on 10/10/2007 and got 96 points on reinspection 2... (Continue reading)

Is Kasthoori Manjal good for you and babies

I am getting lot of comments asking me if Kasthoori manjal is good for us and the babies. Per my opinion, it works.I am not a doctor but it has always worked for me. Manjal is also good to reduce... (Continue reading)

Hindi Movies -I saw last week

Hey guys, last weekend we saw Om shanti Om.Its a nice movie starring Shahrukh khan(S.R.K) and Deepika Padukone. Deepika is the daughter of Prakash Padukone, a famous badminton player while I was in school in India.I liked her.She is tall... (Continue reading)

Glowing Baby fair skin tips

I would write here some of the tips that my grandma told me for your baby to have a good skin 1.Mix Kasthoori Manjal( you will get that in any Indian store) with equal amount of milk.Massage in face or... (Continue reading)

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Acrylic or gel nails?

I have the bad habit of nail biting and I have very short nails. Here at my work everybody has pretty nails..I have never been to a nail salon..In India, where I am from we dont have them..So last week,... (Continue reading)

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Appetizer that will go with Drinks

Here is a quick and tasty appetizer that will be a sure HIT!!!! Mix 1 cup of chopped red onions 1 1/2 cup salted peanuts, 3 or 4 green chillies( or more if u want it spicy) 1 tsp lime juice 1... (Continue reading)

Traditional Indian girls dresses in ATL

Does anyone know where I can get traditional Indian girls dresses (lehenga) in Atlanta? I got a couple from India, but my niece wont wear them as the zari is scratchy.... (Continue reading)

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