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The Daily Tip off – Preventing rust on cast iron equipment


To prevent rust on cast iron equipment, just rub the surfaces with used tea leaves. Enjoy a little longer life and less rubbing! green sea turtle google nexus prime gold toe socks carne asada marinade nordstrom coupon code... (Continue reading)

Site to See: Family Watchdog

Hi. We thought it would be interesting if we shared every week a ‘website of the week’ or a ‘site to see’ that we found useful, funny or just loved. This weeks I have one of the first category. Family Watchdog is a website... (Continue reading)

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School Lunch Menu for the week – Indian and multicultural ideas


I thought I would format the post differently this time. But more importantly, where is everyone? Why no ideas? Maybe we need to put more ideas with an Indian or multicultural school lunches. Well, here I go again. Please give... (Continue reading)

School Lunch Menu Ideas for this week

Thanks everyone who made comments on my last post with ideas on what to serve for school lunch and snack for the whole week. Sarmila, thank you for your suggestions. I have incorporated some. Yasmin, Indrani, I have linked some... (Continue reading)

School Lunch and Snack Menu for the whole week

Hey guys, as you start the school year, if you are like me, you may run out of lunch menu ideas and healthy snack ideas. Of course, this is just for ideas, and please send me some! All of this... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Microwave Quick Clean

To quickly clean and freshen your microwave, take about 2 tbs if lemon juice in water a bowl or even a slice of lemon and run the microwave for 45 s to a min (you will know the right time by experimentation). The... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip Off – Re-using baby food jars

One way – Give your spice rack a cool lift by using the transparent, air tight and pretty once you take off the label jars for colorful spices. Another – Store colorful sewing supplies like buttons, needles etc. Love to... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Come Hither, Cleopatra

For a quick face pickup, splash your face with milk and then rinse off  ( a good way to use leftover milk in sippy cup? You can decide based on the yuckiness quotient). It adds instant glow. And Cleopatra used... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tip off – To pit an avocado

To easily pit an avocado, just slice into it, cutting around the pit. Pull apart the 2 pieces. Insert your knife in to the pit ( about 5 cm of so, just the tip). Wriggle the pit a bit and... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Greening up

I got this one from a friend who throws lots of parties. Wash and store empty yogurt containers, country crock margerine boxes and the like in the pantry. Then pack the extra food and leftovers from potlucks in those if... (Continue reading)

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Holi Finger Paints!

Finger paints! Thats the first thing that came to my mind when I thought of Holi in the US. I usually write about multi cultural activities for toddlers and kids, but recently festivals have been on my mind. What is... (Continue reading)

Five tips as kids start using the web

At various ages, our kids will start thinking of social networking and other such entertainment on the web. You know what, given the age we live in, we wont be able to stop them. But based on what I have learnt... (Continue reading)

The Curious Case of Baby Fairness

When Pry first put up that post with tips on how to make your babies skin fairer – I thought who on earth would care about making babies fairer? Arent they cute as they are? And how politically incorrect! But... (Continue reading)

Festive Times – a kiddy winter party

Hi. So its holiday shopping week, at least for discount hunters like myself. And holiday party invitations are being sent out (to be honest, we only have the office ones!). Why not have a winter party for kids? Before you groan... (Continue reading)

A quick poll

Ok, so which are your top TV shows? I dont meat Handy Manny and Sesame Street! Top three current and from the past. Mine are: Law and Order and Law and Order SVU – Reruns galore so I can catch... (Continue reading)

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When in line….

So usually I write about mom lessons but todays post is about standing in line with kids. I have been doing this a lot lately and badly wanted your ideas and advice on things to do while waiting. These can... (Continue reading)

Mom Lessons – Multicultural activities – Cook together!

Hi. I write about mom lessons – activities moms can do with their kids for fun and education. All this month I have been writing about making it multicultural – or doing multicultural activities that adds flavor to your kids education.... (Continue reading)

News you dont need to know

Now since this is a multi cultural blog, can anyone tell me if this will happen in any other country? Note the link will take you to CNN so you gotta come back for the comments. Apparently its the most popular... (Continue reading)

Mom Lessons – Make it multicultural – Dress Up

Hola! I usually write about mom lessons – lessons stay at home or working moms can do with their kids. My neighbors gave me a great idea for a post – this one is about multicultural dresses for kids. Have... (Continue reading)

Mom lessons – Kiddy Science Classes at Home

I write on mom lessons. And I heard that big cities now have classes on toddler science. So I thought I will try to write on that topic. You know babies, toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids are naturally curious.... (Continue reading)

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