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Whats in your purse?

My friend with a new baby lost her cell phone over lunch and had to empty her purse on the table. With permission, here is what she had –  Wipes Expired coupon from Babies r us Clean bib Bib with spit... (Continue reading)

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Mom lessons – Making it multicultural- Flag days!

So I write about mom lessons and have recently started writing about making it multicultural. Mostly I write activities I have tried myself but this time its an idea I have, spurred by one of the posts on this site.... (Continue reading)

Five tricks for Desperate Moms who need a Minute

To go to the bathroom, or answer the phone or turn off the stove when the babies are clinging to you. Note the term desperate…. I thought it would be cool to share some desperate tricks from all of us.... (Continue reading)

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Entertaining a seven to nine month old baby

 I like to write about entertaining your kids, because if you are home a lot, without much family near by or even household help, as is the case for so many of us, we often draw blanks on ‘how do... (Continue reading)

Mom Lessons – Making it multicultural

So Bloggermoms, this one is on multicultural activities for kids. I usually write about Mom lessons as I think moms at home (or is it just me?) often search for ideas on new things to do with their kids. Maybe... (Continue reading)

Fathers day gift ideas

Hey its that time of the year again, to think up a good fathers day plan and a good gift.  Here are some I thought of – Gifts Golf day or golf class gift cards – local golf courses sometimes... (Continue reading)

Mom Lessons – Artwork!

Ah, ‘ahtwok’ for the under threes! I have been writing this series on Mom lessons – activities moms can do with kids at home especially if the kids are stay at home, which hopefully also have an educational component. But... (Continue reading)

Schools out for summer soon….Some ideas

hey guys, school is out here next week. So summer camps can cost a pretty penny and sometimes overschedule the kids. I loved the lazy summer breaks I had as a kid, and love to keep the kids home as... (Continue reading)

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Happy Cinco De Mayo

Winfried, how about some Salsa today?... (Continue reading)

Approximately, 2% of the adult population

Much information is available regarding the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. We will also discuss in greater detail the symptoms of fibromyalgia in women and the symptoms of fibromyalgia in men. Both are fascinating topics to research and try to... (Continue reading)

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Getting ready for work…

I had a work meeting this week. So that means I had to wash my hair. And then dry it. So that left me with no time before breakfast. Here’s what I did – Shower Wash, dry, comb, attempt to... (Continue reading)

Mom lessons – Where does our food come from


Just wanted to continue the ‘Mom lesson’ series. On activities moms can do with their children at home or after work which equals what preschools can do. And I was thinking this is a good one – following the path... (Continue reading)

April Fools Day Ideas

So big day tomorrow – have you something planned? I love April Fools day mainly because hubby and family almost always forget and fall into my pranks! Here are some from over the years – do let me know if... (Continue reading)

A little about me and you..

Some profound questions and their answers. Let me know yours…. Favorite pizza topping : Jalapenos... (Continue reading)

Valentines Day – What did you do?

I had pink heart shaped cookies with all my valentines, including the kids, and then a romantic drink with hubby when they were asleep. Maybe a nice dinner this weekend. What did you do? best restaurants in chicago kohls coupon... (Continue reading)

Mom Lessons – Your car!

I wanted to continue the series we have on Mom lessons – lessons moms can give their kids at home over what they are getting in preschool or instead of. Kids have great fun with this and its very educational... (Continue reading)

A complete egg head

Ok, bloggermoms, you all probably know all about this. I have been putting one egg on my head (hair) – just crack it and mix the yolk and the whites and apply with a brush – for the last few... (Continue reading)

Anemia in vegetarian kids

One of my kids has anemia – and hates to eat any kind of beef or meat. I try to give egg, but when I looked at the list of vegetables, iron rich veggies have so much less iron than... (Continue reading)

Entertaining a three month old

Anyone ever faced this problem? I just visited a friend – a SAHM with a three month old who doesnt nap much. My heart goes out to her. I remembered that I struggled with what to do with my babies... (Continue reading)

Opinions on Microwaving?

I never ate much microwaved food while growing up, but coming in here, it seemed like such a blessing. Off late I have heard that microwaving in takeout container and soft plastics releases some chemicals which can cause cancer. I... (Continue reading)

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